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Nymphs, Demons, Witches and Fairies. 






Do you love paranormal stories laced with a touch of mystery and romance?


You have come to the right place. My books have witches, fairies, demons, spirits, and nymphs.

Meridian Chronicles

My first series, Meridian Chronicles, takes the reader through a series of events surrounding a being born of the spirit realm, a place where all spirit guides exist.

Spirit guides look after humans and are there to guide them through their life. But there is one spirit guide who is the leader, and he has a different plan for himself and the realm.


Where do the fairies fit in? They live in a realm on their own. They are typical fairies in that they only like their kind, but a long time ago, they communicated to humans and help keep the balance of the Universe through good and bad.

The nymphs are fairies and they rule karma, water, Earth, fire and air. Each has their own strengths in helping humans in the grand scheme of things. I introduce the nymphs in the second book in the Meridian Chronicles series.


One demon betrays the fairy queen and their support of keeping balance ends, leaving humans on Earth to be subjected more to demons.  The demon steals a spell book from the Queen, and that ignites a long struggle for the balance of power between the spirit guides and the demons.


The struggle exists in that there are secrets that are kept from the spirit guides. They do not understand that the Hall of Souls, where all souls begin a new, are watched over by the Angels.

Only one being in the Universe has the power to stop the demons and restore balance and Meridian, has to go through many trials and tribulations before she discovers who can truly save her home and Earth.


One human on Earth, a witch named Esmra, is the hub of communication as she can see fairies and her friend Tallulah a palm reader first senses the spirit guides when they come to Earth searching for the answer to the book stolen from the fairy queen.


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