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Nevoc & The Necromancer 

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 A duke of the dark realm finds the one he believes he is fated to be with. Naberious has been in love with Pandora for thousands of years. She is a necromancer fairy who has no idea of her own past life and what it means. Within the graveyard, he lurks and finds her hundreds of years later. Desperate to not lose her again, he takes her for a journey into the dark realm to enter the gates of time. Naberious shows the fairy who she was and the secret to her past. Just as a relationship blooms, the angry Fairy Queen opens her wrath on her daughter for consorting with a demon.
A century later, a witch with special powers opens Pandora's Box unleashing what they believe is the castaway necromancer fairy. Or is it? With the box in the wrong hands and a demon who longs for the real Pandora, it is a matter of time before all paths cross and all truths are revealed. Who will suffer their soul for opening Pandora's box?

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Lahash & Black Moon Lilith

Releases August 13, 2021

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M.D.  Fryson 

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