Organization....when the list keeps growing

So I am a list maker. With three children and one being an infant...while trying to navigate self publishing seems daunting. On any given day I have at least 5 tasks to be completed in addition to my usual routine. Usually that list takes steroids and by the end of the day it is a monster! One thing I have learned no matter if it is goal setting, grocery list, time management....if you write it down you will remember will do it.

Something happens to the mind when you think it, you write it you attract it.

If I need to finish editing before the editor husband makes an edit and if my dog could read I would have him take a look (you get the idea)...I actually write down that I have to edit that day, week etc. No matter what the task is I am more likely to get it done by simply using a pen and my hand!

If a person uses a list as a platform for every day life...imagine how successful they would become. If you do not have a goal list tucked in your writing journal...then start one I did and I go back and revisit my old lists and I accomplish over 75% of my list every year.

Here's to staying on top of it all and keeping the monster list in check:)) Now back to the next thing on my list.

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