Character Relic- Mr. Popularity


One of the characters in my book who was initially just a side kick to the main character…has become popular with some feedback I have received. Relic is his name and he is a Spirit Guide, best friends with Meridian but would like to be more. Relic is not a representation of someone I actually knew, but more of a representation of many guys out there who struggle with allowing their feelings show.

His history is that he was a human and crossed over after his last human life to be a Spirit Guide. As all guides who were once human, they all possess some of their human traits in the afterlife. I believe this is what makes these characters relatable.

Relic was your typical Rockstar living a fast life before he passed on and even as a guide, he still has his sarcastic, witty and peacock attitude as a “ladies man.”

In the story, his biggest strength of charm becomes his curse when he is forced to make a choice to the benefit of his kind and no himself.

Relic truly is a romantic with a big heart, but he hides behind it with his wit and nonchalant attitude about things, when in truth he really wants to be with Meridian.

I believe that Relic will win the hearts of many in the story and his banter between he and Ridge, readers will find amusing.


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