Upcoming Paperback Give Aways- "Spring Through Fall Promotion" Readers Subscribe- Author

I do 3 newsletters a month total. One to new subscribers, entrants to give aways etc., one exclusive to subscribers, and one general newsletter to everyone.

Each newsletter will have similar things however my subscribers and members will get a little extra.

1. Members get to vote on what paperback they want in a give away besides my book. Must be another paranormal book by another author.

2. They can go to the member page any time and see upcoming promotions that I haven't advertised. These are posted a few months in advance.

3. Members do not get an extra email. They are included in the subscriber email once a month. Subscribers get a month notice of give aways and private contests for subscribers only and my blog posts.

If you are one of the subscribers you can go to the member page and sign up and post what paperback you like. I literally just started, so it may feel a little lonely at first. My subscriber newsletter will go out next week letting everyone else know about it, my new readers will get it Saturday.

If you are an author you can reach out to me to be included in one of my newsletters. I want readers to have access to other books. I only include 3 per newsletter or 9 a month. The numbers vary depending on which newsletter you get on. But it is also free! I support indie authors. The authors who have books that are discounted or free take a priority and if you have a paperback giveaway, that is top of the list.

The paperbacks I include in my giveway I buy and give away with my book. I planned this out a while back, so if I don't get reader or author input, I just pick it myself. It helps out another author and it makes readers happy!

It starts in May and each month it changes and the last one will be in October. This promotion is for the release of my second book of my series.

Happy marketing and happy reading!




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