March Contest Results!

THANK YOU TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS WHO PARTICIPATED! The winner is listed below along with the answer. The winner and answer will be put in the April newsletter. May subscriber contest will be announced in the subscriber/member news post later this month.

Everyone who participated, if interested will be given 50 extra points to go toward any of the contests May through October for the paperback give aways.

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In the contest the question was...

Who answered the demon's riddle in the dark realm?

A. Meridian

B. Kieren

C. Pramlee

D. Talon

Excerpt from book:

Talon was mumbling to himself.:

“Latin...a line. A line that runs across the world.”

Caius was catching on.

“The equator? How is that across the heart? Or been with her since the start of all this?” Caius asked.

Talon perked up.

“I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. In Asian acupuncture, the line that runs across the heart does rule fire and heat.... I know what it is and it is Latin.”

Talon sighed as he looked at Meridian as she quietly watched all this unfold.

“Meridian, who has been with you since the start the whole time this has been going on? Who has been the one who had to come here to get the book and no one else could?” Talon asked.

Caius looked at Talon and back at his daughter. Kieren looked at Talon.

“How could we all not have seen this? It is so obvious who it is,” Kieren remarked and took Meridian by the hand.

Meridian looked around at everyone with confusion. Pramlee even perked up, and she was starting to work it out and then she yelled it out.

“Meridian Line!”

Meridian looked at Pramlee with shock.

“The answer to the riddle is me? Why would a demon make a riddle about me?” Meridian questioned.

“Who cares! Just give him the answer so we can get out of here,” Kieren pressed.

Caius nodded to her to go on and answer the riddle. Meridian looked around and looked upward.

“I have your answer to the riddle.... The answer is Meridian.”

In the story, it was Talon who thought about it first and realized it and he says he realized it, but he actually doesn't say it or answer the demon. Kieren states it is obvious who it is, Pramlee is actually the character who shouts out the answer first BUT it was Meridian technically who actually answers the riddle out loud to the demon.

So the answer to the question could have been Pramlee or Meridian. Either one of of those answers would of been acceptable, so everyone who entered had a 50/50 shot at winning.


MARY P. for answering the question!

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