Will Open Link To The May Paperback Give Away Early For Subscribers

Hi! What a week... my website has issues and it is being worked on...hopefully fixed here soon. Seems anything electronic is on the fritz!

I wanted to send out a quick message to subscribers on some updates before more time gets away from me....

First- There is still time to go in and vote on the paperback give away. I am giving away a paperback copy of Meridian Chronicles: Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies along with another paranormal book by another Author. There have been a few authors post their books in the member forum. The deadline is April 15th to vote:) I will send out a message on the blog which book is selected and I will post it in the subscriber/member newsletter at the end of the month. If I do not get any votes (it is still new) then I am going to select a book that isn't posted on the forum, so future readers will find those authors and possibly see one of those books in a give away later through out the promotion. if you are an author getting this post..get your fans to vote for you!


Second- I am opening up the link early to subscribers/members before it is advertised and before the reminder goes out in the May Newsletter. This give away is based on points and there are points for entering and viral shares. So getting in early and viral sharing early gives you all a boost. I am opening the link April 28th. I will post in the blog and the member forum a reminder with the link if you are interested in entering.

If you already read the ebook, don't want a paperback...keep in mind my July give away is going to be the advanced EBOOK of Meridian Chronicles: Black Widow Curse & The Coven. Anyone from anywhere can enter this contest and I am giving away 100 copies!

The second book is set for release on Sept. 28th

In August- October I will have drawings for the paperback of the second book. Exciting!

Everyone have a great end to your week and enjoy your weekend. If you have any trouble at all with the site for voting..please let me know.


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