June Entry Form Halloween Treasure Box Give Away

The end of the month is near! Members- Enter by June 30th for 500 extra points. Click on the flyer to enter.

Enter One Time! Thats it. It is points based. Everyone who enters and makes the points is automatically entered in the other two.

1. Treasure box give away - 2 winners

2. Separate give away for Tarot Cards

3. Kindle Give away


1. Only Members get the extra form points. Subscribers are eligible for this give away.

2. Must be a U.S. resident.

3. Must Be 18 to enter

***** Just for filling out the form in June will give an automatic 500 points to members.

1st place minimum 1700 points

2nd place minimum 1100 points

Each person who scores the minimum points is put in a drawing to win.

There will be a separate drawing for



All entrants who score minimum 1700 points will be put in a drawing to win the kindle

All entrants who score minimum of 1100 points will be put in a drawing to win the Custom Made Tarot Cards.

What is included in the Halloween Treasure Box?

1. Tshirt Designed after series – Value $30.00

2. One Candle inspired by the series.

3. Key Chain- Designed after series

4. Book Bling- Designed After series.

5. Halloween and Series Inspired Charm Bracelet valued at $50.00

6. One paperback book by another Paranormal Author TBA value minimum $15.00

7. One surprise souvenir from Salem Massachusetts.

2nd Place

1. One candle

2. Key Chain

3. 2 Book Markers (Book Bling)

4. Paperback book by another author

5. Series inspired dog tag (necklace)

Next Chance to Enter after June Closes will be July 1st.




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