Meet Lahash, From the High Demon Court

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Meridian Chronicles Series (Book #2)
Black Widow Curse & The Coven

Enter Lahash and up and coming favorite of the dark one within the demon court. He is as arrogant as he is cunning and is no stranger to games and manipulation. Having been sent by the dark one for information about why Warrick has stopped casting spirit guides to Earth as fallen, he is troubled to learn that one fallen, Talon helps the spirit guides.

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“I know who you are, fallen. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lahash,” the demon said ignoring Talon’s defense and maintaining his agenda without waiver.

“Lahash, you are considered a fallen angel?” Talon’s question was more of a statement, and it intrigued him as he smiled with every syllable that left Talon’s lips.

“I am, or that is what humans believe?” Lahash smiled as he stood with his hands clasped behind his back. His face turned away back to the dance floor watching the humans, with only his profile exposing the slight upturn of his lips.

“Why are you here?” Talon was quick to the point, growing tired of Lahash’s slow build and game.

“If you are not a fallen angel, then what are you?” Talon asked.

Talon followed Lahash as he walked to a recently vacated table with half-filled glasses of human tonic with traces of spillages leaving a sticky residue. Lahash ran his long fingers through a small puddle of a spillage. He brought his index finger up to his face and studied the tip of his finger drenched in a dark brown liquor. Lahash took his finger and ran it across his tongue and closed his eyes. He stood for a moment with his eyes still closed and smiled. “Ahh, the tastes of Italy. I always loved Disaronno.” He opened his eyes and began to open his coat jacket, so he could pull out a black handkerchief that matched his tie and wipe his finger. As he was putting away his handkerchief, he looked to Talon. “Quid pro quo, fallen. Why do you remain in company with the guides?”

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"Great sequel to the first book in the series! I loved the introduction of Lahash. Reminds me of one of my favorite characters from an older book I read some years ago. It was great to

get more into the minds of the lead characters and see that they have some of the same thoughts and emotions just like we do. Anyone who loves a good paranormal book with some villains you will love to hate or just hate and a great plot with some nice twists then I would definably recommend this book!" Goodreads, Apple, Kobo

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