Fairy Nymphs

In ‘Black Widow Curse & The Coven’, an introduction to a new set of characters make their introductions. In this installment, the Elemental Fairy Nymphs, cousins of the original fairies Selena and Luna enter to bring another magical element to the story. There are four that rule different elements, Earth, fire, water, air and the fifth one, she rules karma.

These fairies simply make an introduction in this book, however they are very instrumental in helping Meridian in terms of exposing Warrick for who he truly is. In this installment, Warrick’s dark secret is exposed for who he truly is during the fairy and witch ritual performed to help Meridian. Warrick’s real identity comes as a shock to the guides, not realizing the many secrets that he has kept hidden away.

One distinction of these nymphs, is their name does in imply a lot of who they are. They use demons’ lustful ways against them to get what they want. They use powers of seduction as a distraction and when the time calls, depending on their element they offer help to those in need.

‘Echo’ is the fairy nymph that steals the demon Lahash’s attention, causing a minor hiccup in Warrick’s plan after kidnapping Luna as a pull on Selena to stand down in her aid to the Spirit Guides and the fallen ones. Fairy glamour comes in handy, when Luna is taken by the swaggering demon Lahash. Not intimidated by being kidnapped and held hostage in the dark realm, Lahash is mildly taken back with the spunky fairy and then enter the Elemental Nymphs- who certainly put the smoke in mirrors glamour, aiding in Luna’s escape.

Find out to what lengths Lahash is willing to go in order to have just another moment with Echo, who is Warrick really?

Black Widow Curse & The Coven.

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