Halloween...drawing near. Meridian on her way to Salem with Tallulah..and a little bit on the '

So Halloween marks an important aspect to both book in the series. It is during Halloween in the first book that Meridian meets Esmra the witch for the first time, when she was still a spirit guide. In the second book, 'Black Widow Curse & The Coven' that just released, once again Meridian is back in Salem, but this time her curse that Warrick cast upon her has her in a muted form, but she is a human.

Meridian finds out who exactly is behind the curse, and Warrick is not who everyone believes him to be. She is back at Esmra's and the Fairy Nymphs join in to help unveil the mystery behind her curse. In addition to the ritual, enter in another witch. This one, not such a good witch. Raina. Who is Raina?

Ex coven member of Esmra's coven who was thrown out for practicing black magic. And she has her eye on Meridian for her own dark purposes. She plays with a Ouija board and calls on demons. So what is she doing around Meridian? They all need her assistance in revealing the dark power behind the curse, but she thinks she needs to hang around long after the ritual is over.

Pyro is her favorite demon to call upon and she has another demon that she is a fan of. His name is Ipos. Who is Ipos? In the book coming out next year, you will get to know Ipos and what the reason is that Raina had his sigil tattooed on Meridian in the end of the second book.

Ipos is a demon of the high court and he just so happens to rule the very legions of demons on Earth that influence humans on Earth to break the law and do bad things humans do. Now his legion of demons that do the influencing of these humans help out another demon....Lahash.

Lahash is the snob of the demons. A maverick demon he is, but the humans he gets his energy from are the politicians who make laws. Some of these law makers have jobs because of Ipos's legion of influences.

So what is the big deal? Here is a bit on the next book to come out next year.

The sigil that Meridian carries as a tattoo is meant to be used to summon Ipos through Meridian. What will this do? Destroy both Meridian and Ipos, Raina and Pyro can't wait to summon him, because Raina is clueless as to what invoking him would mean, and giddy Pyro would love nothing more than to take over Ipos's demons for himself. What does Raina want with Ipos? Ipos can see the future, he has the majority rule in the dark realm. To a dark power hungry witch like Raina, she is willing to do anything to have that power. To include killing in his name, taking possession from Pryo and even destroying Meridian.

This puts Lahash in an odd position to say the least.

Complicated...maybe, but that is just a part of the story set to come out next year. Stay turned for more to come.

Happy Halloween!

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