What would Tallulah's place look like? Here you can get a visual from Black Widow Curse & T

Some of the things in a book may stand out more to one reader than they do another…and it is the same for an author. What I think as a writer stands out to a reader, may not be anything close to what the reader sees as a stand out part of a story.

In Black Widow Curse & The Coven, as I wrote this story, to me what stood out a lot was not only the developing relationship between Meridian & Aiden but how things were growing between Tallulah and Meridian.

When I was a kid, I had a best friend I spent a lot of time with growing up like most kids do. Her mother, though, I really grew to love her and to this day I still keep in touch with her. She always made me feel at home, she was funny and accepting. That woman gave much of the influence of the character who is the psychic/good witch, named Tallulah.

Tallulah enters the series in the first book. When Meridian, her father and Relic go to talk to her to find out where the fairy stone was hidden, it was very short in the first book, where she and Meridian connected for the first time.

When we get to the second book to the series, Tallulah plays a pivotal role in Meridian’s circumstances. Here are some pics of Tallulah's and a couple other fun ones! Keep reading for more below...

She takes her in, helps her get a job and

even gets on to Meridian from time to time the way a mother would. There are times in the book where Tallulah makes it known that she understands that she may not be Meridian’s mother, but there were things that she was doing that compelled Tallulah to give her a couple of lectures in the story….the lectures and issues that develop their strong bond.

She plays a second mother to Meridian in the story much like my best friend mom did me through my teenage years. Readers will really get to see just how strong their bond is toward the end of the book, when Meridian learns who she really is, what her curse means and the sadness that both characters experience when Meridian tells Tallulah she is leaving; that she feels she is a burden.

Have you ever had that second mom in your life that mean a lot to you?

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