Do you believe in Twin Souls?

Do you believe in soul mates? Twin Souls? Like you are destined to be with someone? Have you ever met that one person, when you look in their eyes, there is that "feeling" you get? Something intangible? The more you stare, the more elusive the answer is. But for what ever reason, you feel as though you have known that person your entire life?

Welcome to the possibilities of a twin soul. It is deeper than a soul mate. There are some beliefs that such a person is the other half of your soul and that you have found each other through out the course of many lives and existences. There is an element of controversy in a twin soul. In that, it challenges a person, forces a view of oneself for the purpose of growth. How do you know you have met your twin soul? I can't speak for everyone, but for my personal experience it is close to the scene taken from my latest book posted below.

I read where twin souls will come in and out of each other's lives many times during one lifetime. But they always come back to each other and there is usually something about the relationship that is unconventional. Well I can certainly attest to that with my own relationship with my husband and I and he is the influence to Aiden as I reference a lot. In Meridian Chronicles Series there is that element between Meridian and Aiden..they are in an out of each other's lives, but in a more dramatic way than every day life.

In 'Black Widow Curse & The Coven' Read below to experience Meridian & Aiden's meeting, in the flesh.

Meridian was finishing up her shift, and Stephanie let her off a little early, so she could sit and watch the band set up and do a quick warm up. As the band opened up, Meridian was able to relax as she listened to the music take over. Her shrouded mind unraveled with every strum of the electric guitar solo. Aiden and his group came through the door, and to follow suit, came their girlfriends - Amy and Chris’s new love, Scarlet. As they made their way to the bar, Meridian caught a glimpse of Aiden as he took his seat. Her memories came flooding through her mind once again as she recalled a glimpse of her trip to the dark realm where she and Kieren stole the fairy book back from the demon. Her mind gave her a flash memory of when she answered the demon’s riddle and entered her meditative state and she saw Aiden in her mind’s eye. In that moment, her memory was perpetually frozen as she saw Aiden and made the connection. She knew that she had found the one she had been searching for.

The group at the bar were laughing and enjoying each other’s company while Meridian left her table and began to walk through the crowded bar. Meridian left her chair brimming with excitement. Her stomach swam, rattling her heart, and her breathing became rushed. Despite the internal combustion overtaking her body, to onlookers she was composed and walked with unbridled confidence. The crowd moved away, opening a path as she walked toward Aiden. His back remained to her as he laughed, but all other eyes could not pull away from taking in Meridian. She was dressed in her usual black attire from head to toe - over the knee boots, fishnet stockings, a short skirt and a tight-fitting camisole low cut and made from lace. Her black shrug barely covered her shoulders, and her long, wavy black hair reached down to her waist and swayed with her hips as she walked. Eric, Chris and Amy’s laughter stopped as they watched Meridian approach Aiden. With their silence, he turned to look and see what they were looking at. When he turned he saw Meridian standing in front of him.

“Hello, Aiden,” Meridian said.

Aiden’s smile left his face in exchange for a puzzled but intrigued gaze in his eyes. After a long pause he said, “Do I know you?”

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