How far would someone go for power?

Black Widow. What does it mean to you? Well it could be a spider or it could simply be figurative for a woman with dishonorable intentions for her lover.

What if it meant something else? What if it isn’t something that a woman willfully chooses, but more something imposed upon her without her knowledge?

Enter Meridian. One day she is living her existence out in the spirit realm of Etheria and the next, she has been cast away, as a human that carries a curse. She has no idea why the men in her life never return after a lover’s escapade.

Why would any being want to do that to an entity such as a spirit guide, to help humankind? What if the curse caster isn’t who you think it is? What if the very leader of Etheria has his own secrets?

Why would the dark one send out a demon to sniff out the information? Why send Lahash? Why does the dark one care about some spirit guide?

Warrick is the leader of Etheria…and he has a lot of secrets he would rather not surface so he can continue his place in Etheria. There are a few spirit guides who know a little of his past, but they don’t know all.

When the Fairy Queen herself arrives in Salem alongside her cousins the Fairy Nymphs in Salem at Esmra’s house, it is then that Warrick’s true identity is revealed and worse the lengths Meridian will have to go to break her own curse. The caveat is, this curse isn’t something magic or spells from the Witch Coven can break. It comes from deep within Meridian’s own soul and that is the recognition of her twin soul in the Universe.

Who is that? Who is Warrick really? Whose side is Lahash, the demon on?

Why doesn't Lahash like Warrick? Could it be he hates Warrick for their very opposite natures?

Lahash doesn't hide who he is...

Find out the possibilities in ‘Black Widow Curse & The Coven’

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