What Is A Sixth Sense? Spirits? Gut Instincts? Just luck?

Do You Have A Sixth Sense?

What is a sixth sense? The five basic senses are taste, touch, sight, smell and sound. So, the sixth sense, does everyone have it? I personally do not know if everyone has it, or if it is, we do, not everyone ‘taps’ into it as much as another person.

Ever know something, but can’t explain? Get a bad feeling something is going to happen? What about not being able to get your mind off a friend you haven’t seen in a while, and later you find out that your friend has something significant happening to them. What about when you lock eyes with someone, you get a sense that maybe they aren’t being honest with you.

Some call it luck, instinct, or maybe a person with this gets a negative label. Well call it what you will…but I do believe that it exists. I have had my fair share of bad luck in my youth for having a ‘feeling’ about something, but I chose to ignore it. I thought maybe I was just being ridiculous. Nope. Far from it. As a matter of fact, I was taught a lesson and that is LISTEN TO YOUR GUTS! Doesn’t matter where you think it comes from.

You may not be able to articulate to the person standing next to you why you feel what you do. So, if it helps, do it like I do. Don’t react to the feeling…give it a couple of days if the situation allows. If it still hangs around, and you haven’t received information validating your feelings, then take some time to respond if you can. If you can’t, only time will tell.

I am usually spot on with my ‘feelings’ 99.9% out of the time. I may not can mention or even prove my feelings at the time, but it is just that, time…tells all.

Have you had any of these experiences? Do you believe it is someone watching over you? Where do you think it comes from? Reading body language? Maybe it is a combination of all.

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