Paranormal Novel Lovers- Fairy Nymphs...Who are they?

How often to you hear about Fairies? Some think of them as tales to little ones, like a nursery story. They are called, brownies, sprites, goblins etc. Historically fairies have been regarded as both good and bad depending on the era and the region.

At one point, some believed that fairies were demons, ghost, sprits of the dead, or even vampires. I have always loved fairies. They are not angels, they are not demons, but I would see them as somewhere caught in the middle. A sort of outcast, not taking any side at all. Not to mention their reputation for being manipulative and some regard them as nothing more than thieves.

Another name for what some people believe they see, is a nymph. They are beings who lived near the water and were experts in being seductive. Never growing old and forever beautiful. Many people think when they see a nymph it is a fairy, but nymphs are human sized and that is what sets them apart.

So have you ever thought about a Fairy Nymph? Put the two names together and what do you have?

A master at seduction, nearly god like in terms of power, beautiful, forever young and very coy. Ever heard of one?

If you haven’t heard of Fairy Nymphs, then check out the series Meridian Chronicles. This series is four novels with two of the books already published. The first book in the series is

Hall of Souls and The Book of the Fairies and the second book is Black Widow Curse & The Coven.

In the first book, among the many other paranormal entities in it, fairies are one that are included and they are through out the series. You will get to meet two fairies in book one. The Queen, Selena and her daughter Luna.

Now they are to their selves and prefer it to be that way, however, there is unrest growing in another realm, called Etheria where the spirit guides lives. Spirit Guides watch over human kind and they are believed to be ‘angels’ by the humans. In the story, they are not angels at all, they are spirits that have lived human lives before and throughout their lives they leaned their karmic lessons and have been given the chance to watch over humankind for the betterment because of their enlightened soul.

The Queen decides that she will help out the guides, if they go to the dark realm and face the demons to get her book back, the book of the fairies. Of course, there is trickery involved….and I won’t say anymore and spoil the story.

In the second book, Black Widow Curse & The Coven, the Queen takes a different view of things and decides that she will help and get involved, but she brings her cousins in, meet the fairy nymphs.

There are five nymphs and four of them rule the elements. Fire, water, earth and air. One fairy, the most powerful of all, rules Karma. Now these five nymphs all share one thing in common, hence the name. Nymph. Not only are they lustful, they prey on beings who are lustful and use it against them. Put these fairies together and they surely pack a punch…even for a demon.

Now the nymphs are introduced and play a vital role in helping a cast out spirit guide in understanding who she is and they do so by attending a ritual in a witch coven. Curious?

Check out my series Meridian Chronicles. My next book set to release in 2019 Fairy Nymphs and The Demon court is packed full of sparks between a lustful demon of the high court and a action packed war between the nymphs and the demons in the dark realm.

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