Black Widow Usage In Novels

Black Widow certainly carries weight in respects that it is a very dangerous spider to humans, not to mention the female spider willfully kills and eats the male after they mate. Pretty interesting to say the least and in my mind, twisted but the world can be a strange place!

The term usage in literature, carries a negative connotation regarding women in society depicting them in a negative light, meaning she is out for something that would be a benefit for her, and a negative outcome on the man she romantically involved herself in in order to attain whatever benefit she is after.

Not having read every single book with ‘Black Widow’ mentioned, I can’t really speak for those books or authors and their definitive reasoning for the usage of the term, however my use of the term in title and ‘Black Widow Curse & The Coven’ has a few distinctive differences of what the curse translates to within the story

and for the main character, Meridian.

Meridian, is a once spirit guide who has been cast away from her realm, to Earth and with her banishment, she for the most part unknowingly carries the Black Widow Curse. So, the character isn’t willfully trying to hurt the men that come into her life. It was a curse placed upon her by her realm’s leader and he did so for a very covert agenda.

Any man that Meridian becomes involved with will die if she engages sexually with him and it isn’t true love for both of them. Considering Meridian came to Earth as human in her young adult years, with never having lived a human life before, she has no idea that the men she carries on with will eventually pass and the caveat is, being with a man is a desire that she feels she needs and doesn’t quite understand creating an internal conflict for her.

Through the pages of the story, her curse is revealed to her and then poses a double-edged sword. In order for her to go home, back to Etheria to attain her birthright, it is only through true love and her twin soul will break her curse. Enter Aiden, the one person she has been searching for and longs to be with, but fear of what she carries stifles her faith in herself and puts a huge damper on their romance.

So, my usage of Black Widow is a metaphor just as much as it is something physical and representative of evil magic placed on her and is something she has to conquer.

The Black Widow Curse is largely represented in this book which is the second book in the series and will be represented in the third book, ‘Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court’, when finally the answer she is looking for presents itself in an unexpected and unique way.

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