Do you believe? Ever heard of the Karma Fairy? Well in 'Black Widow Curse' and the Coven, she certainly exists in the form of a Fairy Nymph.

What exactly are her powers and how is it that she sees to it that Karma is delivered?

In the book, she is simply introduced not playing a large part in the book. Readers will get to know her more in the third installment that comes out in September.

Karma is the one fairy that has all the powers of her elemental sisters. Fire, Earth, Air, and Water. She wears a unique necklace with a mysterious red stone in it...now it will remain a mystery until the very last book in the series and the connection it has to the quartz sword, so in the mean time here is a little something about Karma. Happy reading.

Excerpt from 'Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court'

"There above the tornado and above the four elemental fairy nymphs…was Karma. She hovered quietly above the storm and clasped her hands together above her head. Her hair blew back from the winds, her eyes changed colors, to a transparent golden tint. Her pupils widened in the shape of a cat’s pupil, growing larger until the iris of her eye nearly disappeared.

Karma unclasped her hands and she stretched out her arms away from her body with her palms downward into the funnel. Her large, red stone necklace glowed and with the passage of the moments, the light from the necklace blinked. The four elemental fairy nymphs slowed their pace, and continued to circle above the funnel in a slow ascension until they were just arms length from Karma.

They now hovered and each nymph lit up and shot outward a ray of light which pulsated away from their bodies that merged, connecting each one in a perfect circle.

The funnel froze and no longer did the vicious funnel cloud spin with the demons submerged within. The fairies’ statuesque formation, regal and uncompromising successfully trapped the demons.

For a moment, time stopped for the dark realm. No longer could anyone hear the dark one admonishing them as the unwelcomed visitors.








With a loud and violent clap, the final ray shot straight up into Karma’s hands. Her bright red stone necklace pulsated with every beat of her heart.

Once more, the cloud moved in slow motion, and the vile creatures violently spun into the funnel that moved up and through the connected rays of the fairy nymphs. Slowly the funnel grew smaller, and finally the funnel picked up warp speed and shot straight up into the single ray of light absorbed by Karma’s hands.

Karma commanded the demon cloud up and into her hands and it disappeared forever. With a loud and echoing thunder clap, the demons were gone.


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