Break A Curse- Meridian Chronicles

The main character’s name in Black Widow Curse & The Coven, is Meridian. She is a realm born Spirit Guide who has recently come of age where it is her time to go and watch over humankind. She is special in that she comes from a line of spirit guides who were realm born as well.

Her growing gifts are a threat to the current realm’s leader, Warrick, who has his own secrets and agendas. Her banishment from the realm leaves her now living as a human and she unknowingly carries the Black Widow Curse. She finds her way back to a character from the first book, Tallulah who is a psychic and palm reader that communicates with spirits. She takes Meridian in and they go back to Salem, to see the coven there for help. The Fairies who in the past let the spirit guides down, now come forward to help Meridian find the answers to her curse.

Once she comes to realize what her curse is and how it affects her and men, she is hit with a double edge sword in who will help her break the curse and how she finds this person.

Meridian is a bit immature as she comes through from the first book in the series, but she begins to show she realizes that much responsibility weighs on her in order to get through her problem. If she does not succeed, human kind is under a threat from the demons who wish to rule Earth, not to mention what may come of certain men. Meridian undergoes prolific changes and realizations through out the course of the series, and she is a metaphor for all of us who may have lost our way at one time, made a few mistakes and came out on the other side stronger with a sense of purpose and understanding.

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