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On the last stretch of the blog tour...and I have one interview left. On one of the interviews I talk about Lahash, he is a new character that is introduced in book #2, Black Widow Curse & The Coven

Who is he? What does he want?

Lahash is a demon...but not an ordinary demon. If he were to appear, he would look like anyone of us. Some books/movies depict demons as ugly creatures, which they are, but not all demons come in that form or are necessarily physically ugly.

Lahash, is a demon with his own wants and desires and he only does what he does to suit his self and his agendas. So that would mean he is simply selfish. Right? Maybe.

Lahash, he loves fashion, Italy..fine art etc. He is a sophisticated demon that in one aspect you know where you stand with him, but on the other hand games are intriguing to him. He is the anti hero that can't be put into a simple box with a label.

He hates one of the antagonists in the story, Warrick. He is the main cause of all the trouble in Meridian's life. However, as a demon of the high court, he also has a duty to obey the dark one...and he does, but he tends to obey in his own way, doing things his own way.

So he doesn't seem to care about much of anything besides his self. That would make his character a little hard to pin down. To find any weakness would be difficult...but he does have a weakness.

His lust for Echo, the fairy nymph. Now they are what the name implies, however they use the lustful ways of others against them. In this case Lahash. Now in the story it isn't quite clear if he operates under Echo's spell or if he is immune to her power and he acts on his own accord.

Meet Lahash in the second installment of Meridian Chronicles: Black Widow Curse & The Coven.

In book #3, Fairy Nymphs and the Demon Court, you will get to know Lahash a lot better and in the last installment of the series, book #4, you will find out if he is under a spell and if not, what it is about Echo that has him on both sides of the upcoming war between the Spirit Guides, The Fallen, The Fairies against Warrick and the Demons. The war brews through the entire series, but in the end a major war does occur...and in the end Karma herself delivers the universe's lessons to be learned.

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