Meridian Chronicles- Ms. Tallulah..Who is she?

In the series Meridian Chronicles, a character is introduced in Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies. Readers meet her when she is approached by Spirit Guides, Relic and Caius initially when they were on the mission to recover the fairy book for Selena as well as the magical fairy stone. A book which has caused quite the fuss across the realms actually.

However, Tallulah herself is taken back by their aggressive pursuit for information regarding the fairy stone which is guarded by a family, in this case a witch coven.

Initially she invites them back so she can share more information, however, overwhelmed, she chooses instead to not reveal the location, and asks them to leave her house.

That is where Tallulah's involvement the first book anyway.

Now let's skip to the second installment...Black Widow Curse & The Coven, where Tallulah not only makes her appearance, she is quite instrumental in caring for Meridian through her unfortunate situation involving the curse from her realm's leader, Warrick.

Who is Tallulah? Well at first site, she is the woman who lives down the street from you. A great cook, lover of food with a heart the size of the world that she opens up to Meridian, the daughter that she never had. Tallulah knows everyone in the small town she lives in, always there to help and her best friend runs the bar across the street. She is the neighbor you have who knows everyone on her street and is always there when you need to borrow a cup of sugar.

Tallulah's house is filled with dated paintings of flowers, the scent of her favorite chammomile tea swims through her house and her ceiling fan has a wind chime that hangs on the switch, two half moons that hang on either side of a witch's pentagram. When anyone sits on her large and comfortable red couch decorated by large pillows, wind chimes are audible when the wind blows.

A red curtain separates the living room and her reading room where she gives her readings as a psychic. and she has a shelf full of incense she sells to her customers.

She is that sweet lady who is a little odd but means well and she was just going on about her life until Meridian entered it testing what her heart says she should do and dealing with the many issues that accompany Meridian as they work through the curse.

Get to know Tallulah in Black Widow Curse & The Coven in Meridian Chronicles Series

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