Selena the Fairy Queen

Some view fairies as these cute little creatures that are for kiddos. What about those fairies that are not cute little creatures, but are cold, cunning and deliver a punch?

Meet Selena, she is very old, knows many things, and expert at keeping a secret and words are just one of her weapons. Yes weapons, full of magic and knows her way around getting the most out of an agreement, she really takes advantage of the one spirit guide who came to her for help, to only disappoint not only him and his followers. The queen disappoints that one person she does't want to lose, her daughter Luna.

Now what could a fairy do to cause a problem for a bunch of spirit guides? How about a trip to the dark realm to steal her fairy book back from the demon who took it from her. What is so special about the book?

This book is many years old, a book which holds her spells, magic, history and some pretty deep secrets. Of course written in only a way that a fairy would understand but this book carries a lot of weight through out the series Meridian Chronicles.

Now the first two books in the series are the only books published right now. However, there are two additional books in this series where the book carries significance and in the end, there is dialogue between Selena and the demon Lahash giving hints that there is more to come.

Now I know some readers don't like my mysteries or unanswered questions in my books. Now some of it is meant to be revealed at at later time and some remains for the readers imagination. But one thing I will give away is a hint of the new series I am currently working on!

A little hint, it is a spin off prequel series with a few of the characters from Meridian Chronicles There will be some questions answered there as far as the fairies go and some hints about other variables. However it is a new series with new characters and themes. I am not sure exactly how many books will be in this set, but at least three.

Here is a little dialogue from Selena in Black Widow Curse & The Coven. Stay tuned in the coming months I will post excerpts to the next book in Meridian Chronicles Series: Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court.

Pramlee was concerned for her best friend, and her father was becoming more of a stranger the more she found out about him. “Why did my father not cast Meridian to the Hall of Souls like he did Caius?” Pramlee asked.

“That would have been too simple. A guide can be awakened from the Hall of Souls with the blessing of the council and the aid of the quartz. Warrick fears Meridian too much, and he figured that casting her out as a demon would be a way to stop her from ever coming back to Etheria. He misjudged how powerful she was, and the curse muted, and she changed, but not the way he would have intended. The curse is meant to ensure she is never to find her twin soul and that she would live a life of misery,” Selena remarked.

“Well, why would he believe that Meridian would never find her twin soul?” Kieren asked.

“Warrick is powerful, but one thing he cannot see, and neither can I, is who Meridian’s twin soul is. It is up to the universe to bring their souls back together again and fate will decide.” Selena stated.





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