Elemental Fairy Nymphs- Siren-Meridian Chronicles Series

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

In Black Widow Curse & The Coven, elemental fairy nymphs are introduced. Fairies are a common creature in stories and fairy tales, but as I have mentioned before, these creatures are a little more tricky and unpredictable depending on who they are in contact with.

We know they are fairies, but what about the elemental part? Well think of them as fire, water, earth and air. There is another fairy in this mix and she is Karma. I will talk about her in a later post. First I am going to do an article on each one. I am starting with fire.

In the story, the fire nymph is named Siren and by ruling fire her strength comes from fire. In addition she uses fire against others. Another trait she has to go with her name is Siren, she can let out a scream that sends demons running. Being close to fire actually drives her strength.

In the book when the fairy nymphs join with the witch coven, there is a pentagram used in the ritual, where each nymph took a corner of the pentagram representing their element.

Here is an excerpt:

The room was dark with only the light traveling through the fairies. Echo took in Selena’s light and propelled an emerald green light across the pentagram to Lotus. From Lotus a gleam of aqua blue shot from her body back to Venus. Venus took in the steaming light full of power of water and with her air element blew the silver stream of light to Siren and with her fire she emended a shock of red light across to Echo. Now all fairies of the elements were connected with each another and Selena. The last and most important fairy stood and waited at the north part of the pentagram. With a loud thunderclap, Selena and the elemental fairies shot the largest and most powerful ray of light to Karma. A light descended from Selena engulfing the witches and the fairies. Selena raised the Fairy Quartz above her head as she continued to read from the book. The quartz continued to glow and shot out of Selena’s hand like a shooting star to float above every being in the room. Relic and the guides stood in awe of what their eyes took in, speechless to describe the feelings that overtook them. The chants continued with the witches, and the fairies began to sing in operatic voices. In moments, a bump of light pulsated through the four elemental fairies starting with Echo and Venus. The pulsing lights came on faster and brighter until the final moment Selena’s entire body was engulfed in light as she floated above Meridian who stood still on the mirror in the center of the circle. The inside of the coven’s house was blasting with heat and wind.

Like the excerpt? Here you can get a sample of the book.

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