Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies-Meridian Chronicles Series

Esmra is the witch with a coven in Salem, where the spirit guides go in order to find the fairy stone that the fairy queen has sent out for them to acquire in order to help them.

The question is what would a bunch of spirit guides need help for from a fairy of all things?

Well she has the power to turn fallen back into spirit guides. Who are the fallen?

Those that were once spirit guides, that watch over human kind. Why would something so great, for the betterment, be turned to fallen?

How about a corrupt leader? Maybe a being who rose to his station by dishonest means, Now how could that happen?

Quite simply. Warrick, is the name of the leader of Etheria and he is a spirit guide that won the hearts and trust of the many spirit guides who retreat to Etheria when not attending to their duties of watching over mankind. For years when a spirit guide threatened him he would cast them away to Earth. He gets away with it because he has secret deals with another group of beings....

In Hall of Souls and the Book of the Fairies, readers are introduced to several characters and quick jumping in the middle of an already raging battle that exists between the fairies and the spirit guides.

However in the second book, Black Widow Curse & The Coven, Warrick's secret is exposed through the Fairy Queen, Selena and her cousins the fairy nymphs with the aid of a coven.

Back to the first book, now at the end, Warrick because of his cryptic agenda and desperate ways to keep a rising guide from power, he casts her, Meridian out of Etheria, but of course, for a false crime of breaking a law that he created.

How has he gotten away with such atrocities? Has to do with who he is in cahoots with.

Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies

Black Widow Curse & The Coven

Find out more in Meridian Chronicles Series

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