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Previously I wrote about one other nymph, Siren. Now I will write just a little on Lotus. Lotus is an elemental fairy nymph who rules water.

What does she look like? She is of course a fairy and has wings, large wings and she has long blonde hair. Her personality is much like her element, mysterious, hard to pin down, but strong. She is one of the ore silent nymphs and to add, she can flirt with just a look in her eyes.

She does not live in the water, however water strengthens her and much of her magic is is comprised of water and it certainly helps out in the next book when she is in the dark realm.

Her flirting certainly works when she catches the eye of one of the most swaggering spirit guides in the realm, Relic. The one who in his previous human life was a rock star. So despite a guide not really having memories of their human life before, still carries his traits into his spirit guide existence.

In 'Black Widow Curse & The Coven, Lotus like the other nymphs are introduced in the book. They do not play a large role, however though small, they have an important role in helping Meridian.

I am exited that my next book 'Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court' will release later this fall. This is where readers will get a full dose of what the nymphs are made of. Readers will get to find out more about how they help through quelling demons and they pack a punch when they go to the dark realm and fight. This is where Lotus really shows her care for Relic finally, when she saves him.

Here is an excerpt from Black Widow Curse & The Coven

Talon and Kieren both looked at one another and rolled their eyes. “Relic, what makes you think any of the fairies would want you? Besides, which one have you got your eye on this week?” Talon remarked. “Good one! Well, he likes Lotus over there, with the blonde hair,” Kieren said. “Hmm, Lotus. Yes, she is the water element. I don’t think you are any match for her.” Talon made sure Relic heard him. “What? Please,” Relic said as he dusted off his shoulders and straightened his jacket. “Really? Are you that iodic? Fairy Nymphs are exactly what their name implies. They would eat you up for lunch,” Talon stated. Relic stood listening to Talon with a cocky grin, and his eyes told him that he was imagining them acting out the very words that Talon stated. “Oh, yes, I would hope so.” “Which is it, all or Lotus?” Talon asked with a confused look on his face. “Yes!” Relic shouted. The whispering between everyone stopped and all eyes were on Relic as he still stood staring at the nymphs like a moron. “Uh… rumor has it that one is already taken.” Talon insisted. “That would be Echo,” Pramlee whispered as she walked by. “What? Who is it?” Relic was walking after Pramlee as she was making her way to a seat. The banter was interrupted by the three demons from the high demon court showing up, led by Lahash who had a similar grin to Relic’s.

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