Meridian Chronicles Series- Interview with Aiden- Excerpt 'Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court&#

Black Widow Curse & The Coven- I really loved writing this book! But at some point the writer has to finish, right? Then onto the next thing, which ironically isn’t waiting for a movie deal, it is writing another book!

So I finally finished the third book...and I finished writing the fourth book too, shhh, don’t tell anyone! Of course, still working away at the second draft. Getting closer! But the entire series is written and with a few final touches...will be completed.

So here is a little something on the third book, not saying you shouldn’t tickle the pages of the ‘Black Widow Curse & The Coven’, but here is a little preview.

‘Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court’ so far even compared to the last book, is currently my favorite book, maybe because I finished it! Now that the fourth one is finished- harder to say which is my favorite. Right now it is a toss up between the third and the fourth but for now....

Here are Lahash’s words to the questioning Spirit Guides and one fallen during a visit to the witch’s house in Salem. A dark witch has willfully accepted possession of a demon and Lahash, arrogantly having his own agenda has appeared. Here is a peek at the demon’s words.

“I am not accustomed to sharing need to know basis information with a fallen and a bunch of guides. You know I don’t like any of you. But Echo is fond of you all for some reason. So, I will share something. Raina was possessed by Pyro to instigate what has transpired here tonight. By the way of it, she doesn’t seem to know what happened. Pyro is the demon she summons through her Ouija board and Pyro has no loyalties to anything, he also loves riddles like the dark one. However, her summoning Pyro has opened her to more and more. Her soul is writing checks her body can’t cash. It is time to pay the piper. She has crossed the line in the way of who she summons, and I am here to put a stop to it.” Lahash nodded in snobbery as he tilted his head toward the house, allowing his penetrating eyes to fall to ground, hiding the one thing that the guides sought, the answer to the tattoo on Meridian.

Here is a character interview- Aiden

Thank you Aiden for stopping by. Let's jump right in!

What is your biggest fear?

Aiden- Well for Meridian to not break her curse or worse not have the faith to endure what she needs to, so she can break it and move on. Hopefully with me. She is so back and forth...but at some point in the book, it is Tallulah who ends up telling me all and it really sets me back.

What is a perfect day for you?

Aiden- Fishing and being with my best friend Chris and I even love helping my grandfather on the farm. Also any day my grandmother makes her cobbler! What I really want, for the perfect day is to see Meridian released and set free. Not just in this curse, but to be free without so much on her. She carries a lot, I can see it. But she is like know? Squeeze too tightly and she will slip through your fingers...hold her gently and quietly she may remain.

What is your most treasured possession?

Aiden- Well there is an old shoe box, my grandmother gave me. Inside are pictures of my mother, that I never knew. She died from complications during childbirth. It is a way of knowing at least one of my parents.

What are your future plans?

Aiden- Well I have to finish up college. Being a freshmen and all, I still have not decided what my major is. I recently broke up with Amy and now I am trying to be with Meridian, but things are so complicated...I just hope what ever my future is, that Meridian is in it. Some days I feel like she is there and some days I feel like I am losing her, but to some unseen force. In the next book I find her, but she has been put through more by the time I get there to Salem.

Do you think the author portrayed you correctly?

Aiden- (Laughs) Of course! The author's husband was her greatest inspiration in writing my character. She knows me very well. Nailed my musical interests, knows I love food! Even able to write in my little sarcastic remarks at different times. I better not say too much and give anything else away. See readers can only read the first two books in the series. We are finished with the last two books though!

So exciting! So maybe I can do another interview and say more when the next book comes out. I will say it has a very twisted ending. I know one of the beta readers was a little taken back by the ending. So was I really! But you will have to read to find out! It is no secret this author loves cliff hangers. So you have been warned.

She has already outlined a new series. Already decided to write a spin off prequel of this series. Some of the same characters will be in there, some won't. So far we know the fairies are in there for sure, some of the demons and a few of the guides.

Do you believe in spirits or something watching over us?

Aiden- YES! I for my whole life, have felt something or someone was there. I have always thought it was my mother, still do. In the next book coming out, all of those feelings are validated, but the strange thing is it isn't just one entity around me, come to find out, there are several. I know Meridian chose me when she was a spirit..but even after I learned was nearly impossible to fathom. To this day I still struggle to wrap my head around everything in the spirit world.

You can read an excerpt from a heated conversation between Meridian and I in this upcoming book. Check it out below. Raw version before cuts were made and a deep edit.

That was Aiden, the object of Meridian's affection. Check out the author's website. See the upcoming events! There is a pre-launch party packed full coming this summer. I will cheat and say that everyone who reserves early gets entered into a separate raffled drawing. Don't miss out!

Read Black Widow Curse & The Coven on Netgalley

Make sure and sign up on the events page for the upcoming blog tour where the author shares more about the next book, and don't miss the launch party this summer. I am pretty sure everyone gets early samples of the set to release

Meridian Chronicles: Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court

I can't wait to speak to you all from the pages of this next book! The ending is epic! Sincerely Aiden, Character from Meridian Chronicles Series

“Meridian, what is wrong? Why are you so upset with me?” Aiden followed Meridian into the bathroom connected to her room. Meridian went through her cabinets, taking examination of the contents she left behind when she took off to Salem. She paused from the shuffling through her drawers to see Aiden’s sad eyes looking back at her through the mirror.

Meridian slowly turned around, bracing herself against the sink with both hands. “Aiden, I do not understand why you wouldn’t want me to meet your grandparents. Am I not good enough? Are you worried about this curse? What it means?”

Aiden leaned his right shoulder up against the doorway. The doorway held his tilting head while a lock of his blond hair covered a portion of his eye. He lifted his head away from the door way, crossed his arms with an escalated voice, “Why would you think that? I am here aren’t I? I came all the way to Salem to find you. I have been in agony over you for months while you were away. Why is it that I feel that we have more pressing matters to handle now be any reason for you to belive the crap that just came out of your mouth?”

Aiden stepped back out of the door way, turned his back away from Meridian and walked toward her bed, where he sat down, slumped over. Meridian was frozen, still stood in the bathroom.

Aiden let out a sigh and moved toward the edge of the bed. “Meridian, I am not worried about that stupid curse! I meant what I said before we left. Why don’t you believe me?”

Meridian took her time unlocking her stiff composure. “It is not just the curse that bothers me…its everything. I feel so confused. When I go to sleep and have my dreams, I feel at home even though I don’t understand what is happening. All this talk of finding the answer to the curse. What if it breaks…and I disappear? I go back? I don’t want to be away from you. But I want to feel as though things are right. When I am with you I feel it’s right, when I sleep…my dream….it feels right too. I feel so caught in the middle of everything. I want to be with you and to be together in every way. But then, all the feelings of uncertainty cloud me, I feel that no matter what I do someone may get hurt…I can’t make a decision to save my soul, let alone the world or a world I barely remember.” Meridian paced the room.

She put her hands on her hips and stared at her feet as they took each step. Her long wavy hair hung all to one side over her shoulder that fell down her back when she stopped at the end of her bed where Aiden sat staring at his feet. His elbows rested on his knees with his lips hidden by his clasped hands.

Meridian let out a sigh and put her hand on her forehead. “Aiden, how do I know you won’t spook again? We are supposed to make this trip to get this quartz sword. What if you realize how insane all this is…and you go away, like you did before? I know it was only a couple of days…but it felt like forever to me.” Meridian walked around the bed and sat down next to Aiden.

Aiden unclasped his hands and tilted his head toward Meridian with a stern look in his eyes, his lips pursed together and his jaw was clenched shut. He let out a quick and sharp sigh through his flaring nostrils.

“What is it with you? Why don’t you believe me? Believe how I feel for you? You made me leave the bar at Stephanie’s, I respected your feelings and told you I would still be there for you…I rescued you from Raina that night at that questionable establishment referred to as a bar, I took you to Tallulah and Esmra so that they could explain everything to you. I let you run me off at your house, I show up at the bus station and you walked away from me. I begged you to stay…. let me help you. After all that, I drive to Salem with Tallulah to find you and you are still acting as though I would do something to cause you harm!” Aiden got off the bed and ran his hands through his hair as he walked over to the window of the bedroom. He tilted his head back as if to stare at the ceiling, but his eyes cut down toward the left where Meridian was seated. “What do I have to do? I told you I am here for you, that curse does not scare me because of what I feel in my heart.” Aiden lifted his head and turned to face Meridian.

Meridian left the bed and walked to Aiden. Her eyes on the floor, she leaned up against the wall next to her window. Aiden took one look at her staring at the floor, his frustrations were at their peak.

“Nothing, huh? You have nothing to say? Fine, I have tried every way I know to show you how I feel for you. I understand how I made you feel and I would spend a lifetime making it up to you, but you won’t let me.” Aiden stared at Meridian.

Meridian looked up with confusion. “Is this about sex?”

Aiden’s frustration on the rise once more. He threw his hands up and began to walk out of the door as he shouted. “No! This has nothing to do with that! See, you aren’t even listening to me! I would be with you for as long as it took, until the last second if there was no other choice that I had to leave you…If I am not the one. I would be here for you knowing it is possible I am not the one. I would do all of that, just to have one moment with you! But you won’t listen, you just push me away more.” Aiden was on his way out of Meridian’s room to leave.

“Where are you going?” Meridian’s voice was shaky.

“I am going back to school. I told you I would be here for you, no matter what it cost. But I can’t do it like this, if you won’t allow it.” Aiden turned his back to leave.

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Meridian Chronicles Series Collection

Meridian Chronicles Series 4 Book Collection Available Now Goodreads these books take you on a grand adventure, making you feel like you know the people, (and non people), in the saga. I love these stories. After every book, I couldn't wait for the next! Now I'm anxiously awaiting number 5. I hope Ms fryson lives to at least 100, and never stops writing. If you like adventure, fantasy, romance, and characters you can love, or hate, or both, read this series, you will get hooked and love it.


Keepers & the Soul Key (#4) Releases April 24th


Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court (#3) From Goodreads "Wow. If possible, this third book is even better. I couldn’t get enough and anxiously await more by this fabulous writer. Aiden can’t go on without Meridian, what’s to be done. Couldn’t put it down. Received an ARC and reviewing because I love the books. Don’t miss out once it’s released."

Black Widow Curse & The Coven (#2) Netgalley Reviews "Creative, inventive, and surging with engage prose, this book is all that fantasy should be. Recommended for readers of this genre in search of a new voice." " the series has magic, mayhem, twists and turns that make you impatient for the next one, the characters will leave you loving some and hating others.This is a highly recommended must read!"

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