Fairy Queen's Daughter...but is Luna her only child? Meridian Chronicles Series

Luna, she is the one fairy that Selena cannot handle being upset...especially with her. In the first book, Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies, there is discussion on how Luna is in love with Relic, however he being who he is, doesn't see it that way.

For those of you who have not read that book, I do not want to spoil the ending where Luna and Relic are concerned, however I will add that in the end the Queen certainly gets what she wants and she is sure to secure her daughter's wants.

Isn't it funny how some things can backfire? Do you believe that forcing anything on anyone works. Is is possible that even an arrogant queen can serve herself up a slice of humble pie?

In Black Widow Curse & The Coven, the Queen realizes she may have gone a little too far in Luna's eyes, and her daughter does a wonderful job of standing up to her mother...and...well you will have the read the last two books in the series to find out exactly what happens between the mother/daughter duo.

Readers will see the change in the queen through out the series, and they will see that she to realizes that she has her own faults, despite she won't verbalize it.

So who is Luna really? Who she is not, is her mother. Luna is a fairy who is in love with a Spirit Guide, Relic. She wants for true love and for the fairies to come to aid the Spirit Guides in their dilemma to rid Etheria's leader, Warrick. She ironically doesn't seem to fit the profile of the fairies in terms of manipulation, trickery etc.

She is basically a good soul with a large heart...maybe a little jealous of the main antagonist, however she still does her level best to do the right things. In the first book, she does pull a little fairy illusion, but in the face of it all, she opts to do the right thing and tell the truth when she and the others arrive at the Salem Witch Museum.

Is Luna Selena's only daughter?

Well it is possible she is not the only one. So where would be any other children? In the last book to the series, which hasn't been released yet, a conversation between the Queen and the demon Lahash elude to the reader that there is much more about the Queen that readers have not found out yet. That is one of the hints to the spin off series that I am currently working on.

The Queen certainly has a few skeletons in her closet and not only is she in the next series, readers will get to see the cold side of her in depth before she changes her ways.

First here is her daughter in Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies.

Luna seemed upset, and it was obvious she wasn’t really asking. Everyone looked around at each other, then nodded yes and looked to Luna to give her the promise.

Caius spoke for the group. “Of course, Luna, you are helping us, and if that is all you ask, we can do that.”

“When you all went to see my mother for help, and she told you she needed the stone to wake Kieren from the spell, and then she also told you to get Talon and take Meridian to the demon realm to get the book from a demon that took it, she wasn’t being exactly straightforward with all of you. She also wasn’t being as forward with regards to Kieren and how to wake him. First of all, the stone is needed to wake Kieren, but it isn’t only my mother who can have the stone and wake him. Any one of us could use the stone to wake him, but we would have to know which spell to use with the stone. If we get the stone, we don’t have to rush to Selena or the demon realm to wake Kieren. My mother does want our book back because it is in the wrong hands, but she only told you what she did so Meridian would get the stone and go straight to the demon realm and then back to the fairy realm. When I went back to find Meridian, I ran into a human, but she isn’t a normal human. She is a witch, and she could see me as plain as day. She can’t see any of you, but she can sense all of you, even Talon. She knows we want the stone and I think she has them. I also believe if she is a true witch she may be able to give us a spell that we can use to wake Kieren without going to the demon realm. We all have to meet her at midnight tonight at her house. She also said that tonight is Halloween and it isn’t safe for Talon to be close to this place. We have to leave for a while and come back later.”

Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies

Black Widow Curse & The Coven

Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court - Fall 2019

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