Paranormal Romance Series- Love Anti-Heros?

I find myself anymore when I read a story or even watch a movie, I nearly fall for the anti hero. How about you? Why would anyone side with the antihero? Maybe because we relate to the flaws they have because they mirror our own.

Today has certainly been a full moon and all the craziness that comes with it. When I have those days, I find myself more drawn to the characters I create and how they respond to the plot in my books.

I said that the characters in my books are influenced by real people in my life good and bad. Some of the characters in my book, particularly the antihero, like Lahash or the guide turned fallen who is down on his luck I relate to at times more than others.

The reality of some of the situations I face in my life I have to hold my tongue, for now anyway and writing with certain characters like Lahash, is a way for me to get out what I would rather say to someone who I didn't care for. Even as cold as the Fairy Queen in my book, she is another one that in reality I relate to. She has a long history of being wronged and she has zero trust...but in the end it comes back to bite her where her daughter is concerned.

When I am in company of people I trust and care about, I am probably like my main character, Meridian, or even the happy and light spirit guide, Pramlee.

What face do you put on depending on your company? Are you the same for everyone?

Here is a snip of Lahash in Black Widow Curse & The Coven

Lahash had been sitting back in his chair as though he couldn’t care less to be there. Watching the tyrant of Etheria verbally spar with the Fairy Queen was amusing to him. However, it was not as amusing as his new favorite Fairy Nymph, Echo, who he did not take his eyes off for too long. Lahash had a hint of a smile, and his eyes were sharp and deliberate when he looked at her.

“No, Relic. Warrick didn’t pull his speech from my ass as you say,” Lahash snapped back interrupting Warrick. “A speech directly from me would have been better for all of you to listen to, but even one from my ass would be better than what this parasite came up with.” Lahash pointed to Warrick as he spoke. Lahash began walking around the round table where all the representatives sat. He made his way over to Echo and stopped and stood directly behind her while she sat in her chair. He began to caress her hair while speaking. “I have no interest in your silly fight for power. No matter if Warrick continues to cast the fallen away or not, my kind will flourish. Humankind is doomed to be who they are, and, in the end, there will always be evil on Earth that grows in the heart of those who thrive in their evil spirits,” Lahash said as he continued to caress Echo, now moving further down past her shoulders.

“I thought that the fairy nymphs had some kind of power over everyone. What is happening. Lahash is still being well…himself?” Ridge commented to Kieren.

Lahash looked to Ridge and heard what he said, but he made no advances to respond. Instead, he chose to remain on his course and continue with his speech that he was certain was better than what anyone else had to say. “So, as you can see, I have better things to spend my time on…spend my time in…if you know what I mean.” Lahash said as he grinned and walked away from Echo and this time he stopped at Warrick.

“Why are you even here then?” Ridge asked the arrogant demon.

“You need not be worried with my whys or why nots, Spirit Guide. I have reasons I am here; maybe you should ask Warrick why I am here,” Lahash stated as he walked away from Warrick leaving him yet again exposed.

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