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Selena, is the Fairy Queen in the Meridian Chronicles Series. She plays a very instrumental role in the failures and successes of the Spirit Guides.

It is mentioned there is quite a history between the Spirit Guides and the Fairies, however in Meridian Chronicles Series, only hints that there is a past are referenced.

Here is Selena in Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies when she has her first conversation with Caius- Check out her interview after the excerpt and find out what the future holds for this character after the last book in Meridian Chronicles Series.

“I know who your friends are. The fairies may live in a plane far away, but we know all.” Selena ended her last word as she gazed in on Caius who had stood in silence during the exchange.

“Selena, I wish not to waste your time or to take advantage of your kindness here. But I have come here in need of your help.”

Caius was to the point as he could see Selena was not one for small talk, and it was clear that she would have her wants and requests.

“I know what you want,” she replied. “We do not need to waste time with talk. The fairies agree that your master is out of control. We know what he has done to your fallen, and to your wife, what he wants from Meridian, and what he wants for you. I agree that he needs to be overthrown for the realms to exist as they were in a time that seems ages ago. We will help you, but I will require something in return. We know about the stone, and that stone has uses to all beings of the realm. When you go to Earth and retrieve it, once you are finished with the stone, the fairies want it here under our protection. The fairy stone was once kept here millions of years ago, far before our time. It is a natural power for fairies. We gave it to your guides not too long after the dawn of the human race. It has passed between the guides and fairies many times through the centuries. When Warrick took over hundreds of years ago, there were a select few guides who we gave the stone to, to take to Earth to be watched over and hidden. We knew at some point Warrick would come for the stone. Ironically, you beat him to it.”

Selena watched Caius to gauge his reaction.

“Well, of course, Selena. That is the least we could do,” he calmly replied.

Caius seemed relieved, but Selena was not finished. “I will also need another favor from your daughter.”

Chance, Caius and Relic’s faces were clear; they didn’t like where this was going.

“I told you, Caius; we are in debt way over our heads,” Relic butted in.

Chance was pacing as he could still hear the giggles and the whispers of the invisible fairies, and they were playing tricks on his mind.

“Chance, calm down. You have to learn to tune that all out or it will drive you nuts and then the fairies really will have their way with you.” Relic was clearly annoyed with Chance.

“Selena, what are you getting at?” Caius was insistent she get to the point.

“I need Meridian to go to the demon realm and find a demon there that has something of mine. Something he took from one of my fairies long ago on Earth."

Q: Selena, you have a lot of power in the Universe, so tell us, in your conversation with Caius, why is this Fairy Book so important?

A: The book has been in our possession for many years and this book has not only our written history, it contains our magic and spells that we use for our own purposes.

Q: You mention you have a daughter, Luna. Is she your only child?

A: Luna, yes she is my daughter, and very much the way I was when I was young like she. Trusting and hopeful for better days. She is not my only child, I do have another daughter that I lost long ago. I find it difficult to speak of her.

Q: Can you tell us anything about your other daughter not in the books?

A: All I can say is, that she was older than Luna, and that she is in the next series of books the author is writing. The series will have myself as well and since this is a prequel spin off, readers will get to know a little bit more about the fairies and some about the back story of the whys of things.

Q: Do you feel the author portrayed you correctly?

A: Mostly yes, however I find that the author speaks to much of some things that I wished to remain left alone. It is understandable though, but yes, the author portrays the fairies quite accurately and I am appreciative that it is out in the open how we feel about the demons and the spirit guides.

Q: If you could change anything about your life what would it be?

A: I long to have a better relationship with my daughter. In the first book I thought that what debt I put on the Spirit Guides to be repaid would win happiness for Luna. By the time we get into Black Widow Curse & The Coven, she is upset with me. In book three, Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court, I feel things begin to turn around.

Find more out about Selena in the series Meridian Chronicles.

Find out what is in store for the characters and stop by the authors website.

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