Black Widow Curse & The Coven- The Dark One's Curse the Author's Perspective

As an author I am a fan of riddles, plays on words. Heck even my license plate was my real name scrambled into a word. Yep, I love riddles, anagrams and if I could make a serious living at playing scrabble, I may quit writing all together.

I love binge watching the space channel and love Art too! Just like Jupiter, the Van Gogh of all planets. Who said science and art to not mix?

Meridian Chronicles Series: Black Widow Curse & The Coven. The title is certainly interesting. The curse is figurative of course and as always if a reader is paying attention I always have a message in my within my novels.

This is the second book in the series, I have now written the other two. Writers tend to be antsy, I mean once we wrap up one and have to wait for editors, cover artists and all the external delays and shenanigans, well then all of a sudden I have started the spin off series and decided what the heck I don't have enough to write about Ill co write another paranormal novella with a good friend. Did I mention I free lance on the side? When I said I was a minion wrangler, that meant 3 boys and I guess my husband counts as a minion making four and even the dog is boy...I feel outnumbered. Hopefully he doesn't read this:)

Thanks for taking that little detour there, after days and nights of writing my journal, books and notes, I realized I am the blame for my 2 oldest boys ADD. And I roll my eyes at myself when I write that- of course they try to convince us all that having some issue like that makes us intelligent. The jury is still out on that one. I would always say my boys are intelligent, but that is as far as I will go on that one. However having the problem makes it easy to get things done, like write 2 books at a time with everything else I do. :) sleeping isn't one of them, its a commodity around here.

So in book number two, it isn't just the dark one who throws out a riddle. Pyro, who is a demon of the high court, is called upon by a witch named Raina through her Ouija Board. She wants to know who can save Meridian from her curse. Check out his riddle in the excerpt:

The demon answered Raina, with ease. “The curse bestowed on the once-spirit guide is The Black Widow curse, and one that only a dark one can cast. A dark one born of a demon with powers for only the dark with a heart of black.”

“Dark one, I am in your debt. We understand, on the surface, who has cast this curse on Meridian. We now need to understand how we may find a way to break this curse,” Raina spoke to the demon.

The demon gave his answer in riddle form.

The being whose work is dark can only be stopped with the twin soul.

The being you seek is hard to hold.

Spirit guides who engage with a mortal are not pure of heart in that act,

but in the face of true love all remains intact.

Meridian does not trust herself in her choice.

She will not listen to her inner voice.

So many can enter her mind,

her greatest challenge in the true find.

The demon disappeared and was gone from sight. Kieren and Relic stood in shock at what the demon said, but it took no time for Relic to have a comeback. “Is it a prerequisite to be a master of riddles to be a demon? Last time we took a trip to the dark realm, the dude spoke in riddles and well, we barely made it out with the Fairy Book and our own selves. So now what? Back to the drawing board again to answer another idiotic riddle? Is it so hard to just answer a question? I mean how stupid it is for Raina to give up something to be in debt without a real answer. It’s like handing over money for full service and only get a quarter maybe.” Relic was really carrying on.

“Would you shut up! Even the witches look confounded. If they are picking up on your dumb ass banter, they may very well think you couldn’t be close to it because you sound too stupid to be with Meridian!” Kieren was making a name for himself being sarcastic.

“Wow, I think I am liking you more. So, is this a one man show? Cause I ain’t got a ticket here!”

That is all for this post, I was feeling snarky this afternoon- and Relic the Spirit Guide who was a rock star in his previous life is always fun to write in... the smart ass of the spirit guides, always up for some opportunistic and ill timed remarks- I live vicariously through him during my snarky days...

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Thanks for playing back to the story writing.

I am 5 chapters into the spin off sequel- and I am just chomping at the bit to scream out its name because it is so cool...but I have to keep it under my hat a little bit longer. Because I still have the last two books to release right?

'Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court'- Releases in September. It goes on pre-sale in June at the kick off of the PreLaunch Party

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