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Like books? Astrology? Fantasy? Fairies? You have stopped at the right place.

I am a paranormal author and I recently wrote about Siren and Lotus the other fairy nymphs. Well there are three more.

For this article, it is Venus. As said before in 'Black Widow Curse & The Coven' these nymphs are introduced but they do not come to play a major part in the story until book 3, 'Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court'

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Venus is the planet of Love and in a person's birth chart, for a woman it rules how she behaves when in love with a man and for a man it defines what he falls in love with. Not necessarily who he marries...that is a another post.

Anyway I love astrology and I love fairies. One thing I haven't read a lot of is about nymphs but they were more used in Greek mythology. So I made up my own.

Venus ruling love, she also rules communication and her element of course is air. She packs a punch in book 3 when she helps both Meridian and Aiden take a journey to seeing the Universe's Message. What do they seek?

Well Aiden and Meridian are in love, however Meridian carries the black widow curse, in that any man that she engages with and it isn't true love dies. The leader of Etheria where she was ban from, cast her to Earth as a human from being a Spirit Guide.

She desperately wants Aiden to be the one, but is afraid of hurting him.

Here is a snip of Black Widow Curse about the nymphs...and read more for the not yet released book on Venus.

“So, getting in the dark realm was not too hard for you?” Selena questioned Siren.

“Oh, not at all. I can go to the dark realm very easily. My shrill, undetected by anything else accept demons, drives them crazy when I let it out. They will do anything you want when I let out my call. We really should thank the others. They were very instrumental in distracting Lahash. His tastes, for a demon, are a little strange. His eye fell on Echo and once she started her seductive dance it didn’t take long for Lotus and Venus to finish as they walked in naked and wings spread if you know what I mean. Luna was right in tune with what we were up to and she certainly understood our glamour was a little different than hers,” Siren stated as she giggled at the wiles of the fairy nymphs.

Here is more from the not yet released book...'Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court'

Venus chuckled. “Yes we rule lust. My element is air, I rule love as well. Echo rules Earth, Lotus rules Water, Siren rules fire and Karma rules…well Karma through the Universe. Now each one of us can assist with different things depending on our element. With mine being air, it is natural for me to assist in matters of communication and feelings. I am here to help in the regard to love. Karma is here to assist in removing the veil, so the Universe can speak to you in ways that you will understand. Are you ready?”

Meridian nodded and Venus opened up her book of shadows and then pulled out her crystal, shaped in a sphere. When she removed the sphere from her pouch and held it in her hand, to Aiden who could not see her only took sight of the ball itself, and it appeared to float in the air. His eyes widened as he pulled his head back in disbelief of what his eyes told him.

Esmra patted his leg and said, “It is ok, Aiden. It is Venus, she holds the crystal. Do not be afraid.”

Karma moved closer to Venus and the pair closed their eyes. Karma took both of her hands and placed them under Venus’s hands that still held the crystal. With whispers they began a fairy chant. Their lips moved in perfect sync with one another. As they chanted in a whisper, the crystal ball began to glow bright white.

“Universe who sees all, bring us a vision this night,

allow the chosen to see her twin soul when the time is right.”

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