Black Widow Curse & The Coven Novel: 10 of Swords Tarot

In my book Black Widow Curse & The Coven, I do reference Tarot and readings through the book. Here is snip of the scene at Tallulah's where she along with Meridian, Raina and Esmra sit at her kitchen table after breakfast to go over the cards that Meridian had chosen with Raina.

The group was silent, and all the cards were pulled and looked at by Tallulah. “Card five is a concern for me as in this spread it represents a karmic debt owed, something done in a previous life where you have debt to be repaid. You drew the ten of swords, it represents betrayal, misfortune. It is no secret that you have suffered that greatly, however it can also represent a new beginning. For some reason it was your destiny to have happen what did.

The most striking and ominous cards in the deck, the Ten of Swords shows a man lying flat on the ground with his face facing the dirt. He is covered with a red cloth from the chest down to his legs. Ten long swords are stabbed into his back, he may not have seen this end coming. There is a terrible stillness in the air: the sky above him is black and cloudy indicating the fear and negativity associated with death. The waters in front of him are still, with no ripples - adding to the eerie stillness and finality of this card. Looking into the horizon, in the east, the sun is rising, and the weather seems very calm despite the darkness. The Ten of Swords seems to intimate that this is the lowest point in one's life, and it cannot get worse than this. At least, even in this state, the sun is rising.

In the book 'Black Widow Curse & The Coven', this card is very significant in terms of Meridian and who she was- the reading that was performed was a past life reading, meaning Meridian's past life. In her past life she was a spirit guide and in 'Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies' she was cursed and cast out of the spirit realm for what he deemed was a crime by showing her spirit form to Aiden the night of his prom when he was in the bathroom. He also decided that because she took up with a fallen, which is a once spirit guide cast out of the realm was a crime. It just so happened to be that this fallen named Talon is Aiden's father who he has never known.

As far as tarot from the author's perspective, where the 10 of swords card is concerned. I never get a good feeling when any swords are the subject of discussion. However depending on the reading, the placement and what the seeker is looking for has impacts. In the book I will say that for Meridian to draw this card simply is representative of something in her past, a betrayal and dark times. However, we can always look forward to better times and happier endings.

In astrology, the swords are associated with air signs- Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Each of those signs has a ruling planet- Libra is Venus, Gemini is Mercury and Aquarius is Uranus.

When air signs are involved, this is where communications are involved. Transmission of ideas and thoughts, community building through common interest and visions, the keeping and carrying of stories.

What else is in the air that we cannot see? Ahhh, the spirit realm. So in this case Meridian who used to be a spirit from another realm, pulls a card associated with air, representing a bad fortune, a betrayal- but there maybe hope in sight.

Who else is represented as an air quality associated with Venus?

Well it is Venus herself, who rules communication and love, who by the way is very instrumental in connecting Meridian and Aiden together but on separate paths as the transcend to receive the Universe's message.

The message is delivered but it is to each their own in the discovery and the will to see it through.

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