Black Widow Curse & The Coven Novel: The Death Card in Tarot

In my book Black Widow Curse & The Coven, I do reference Tarot and readings through the book. Here is snip of the scene at Tallulah's where she along with Meridian, Raina and Esmra sit at her kitchen table after breakfast to go over the cards that Meridian had chosen with Raina.

'Black Widow Curse & The Coven'In the book , this card is meant to represent a death of some kind. Meridian thinks it is her death or maybe a death related to the men that have fallen victim to her curse. However, what she doesn't realize that it represents a couple of things literally and figuratlively. There are some deaths in reality associated, however there is another death that will transform her, which readers will not find this out until the end of the new book coming out later this year, 'Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court'

As far as tarot from the author's perspective, I do not believe that drawing the death card is the worst thing in the world. Besides, life is about a series of letting go. Nothing stays the same and we as humans are always in a state of change, some for the good some for the bad. If I am going through a bad time, I see the death card, I think it means a death of a bad situation.

In astrology, the death card is associated in astrology with Scorpio. Scorpios are associated with death, rebirth and regeneration. This sign tends to be very polarizing in that those born under this sign can rise to great heights or plummet to the bottom of the barrel. I have personally known a few Scorpios in my day and putting it nicely, the definition of the negative side is quite true in my situation. Scorpios come packed with a sting and some will stop at nothing to destroy you. My main villain in the story is associated with these traits and represents someone I had the misfortunate experience of ever having dealings with.

The planet that rules Scorpio is Pluto.

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