Tarot- The Priestess & What Is Hidden

I have started a series of posts relating to the tarot initially as reference to my fantasy paranormal series. Particularly in the second book, ‘Black Widow Curse & The Coven’ as a modern-day twist on the usage of the cards by witches and how they relate to the protagonist, Meridian and her past as well as her future. This presents the ideology behind the fate of humans in terms of finding her twin soul in the Universe and the implications as such without success in doing so.

In this post I will talk about the High Priestess.

What I want to point out first is, that there are 2 columns in this picture. What modern day teachings, more so with certain religious establishments would have you believe is that the columns B and J represent King Solomon and the pillars from the old testament. B represents Boaz or negation or strength and J represents Jachin or establish.

However, I disagree. Ever heard of the Free Masons? I won’t go into a topic on them and the secret codes of society hidden in plain sight. In particular columns are representative in much of their institution. See the image.

They are believed to have many secrets within their society…just as the priestess holds what is hidden.

What do I mean? The priestess is associated with the Earth’s moon which in turn is rules the astrological sign of cancer. Now what do we know about these topics? Well first of all the moon is considered feminine, just as the sign of cancer is. Priestess herself is considered what is hidden from us, mystery, feminism, emotions. Now the card itself is associated with Virgo or the Virgin in astrology. Another feminine aspect. What do we know about Cancer witch is represented by the crab. Well crabs are a mysterious lot. They hide in their shell in live in the water, poke one and you get the snip!

The priestess forces us to look for hidden truths.

Anyway, I find it interesting that the Priestess that represents what is hidden, truly hides more from us even in representation of the columns. The columns simply represent the duality of life. Man and woman, duality and that we if you take a look at the image that comes from the Masonic Lodge, there again are depicted as columns. On the card, which is number 2 card, I think what the columns represent are more than just some reference to the bible.

Humans are simply a part of something so grand, that if we simply look beyond our scope for deeper meanings of things would help us live to our full potential. Everything in our universe and the world as we know is requires balance.

In my books in the series Meridian Chronicles, I do reference tarot and astrology…but not in this depth.

However, I also have riddles and mystery. I write about the things that I do because even though my books are fiction, they are based on my truths, what life is to me. That the universe requires balance and that not everything we see is on the surface. Look beyond what we see for hidden meanings. The protagonist in my series is named after something that we do not see, but exists - Meridian. Our bodies have meridian lines and our planet has a meridian line.

From the author's perspective, I love the priestess card because I am fascinated with the hidden and the unknown. When she comes up in a reading depending on the placement- look beyond the surface for answers.

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