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The Emperor

Oh, the emperor, the large and in charge card. Well here comes a brush with authority or some figure in your life, more than likely a male. The card itself is ruled by the astrological sign of Aries, a fire sign and first in the zodiac. Which in turn, Mars rules Aries. Think red hot, war, male, judge, lawyer. Someone in power. A pioneer or a very prolific person. It also symbolizes hard work, stability, having things under control. Are you on your way to a promotion? Or some sort of advancement? Or is it possible your companion is going to receive some kind of promotion? Aries- This sign is the pioneer of the zodiac. Brave, resilient and never backs down and comes packed with a punch of tenacity as so long as other signs/placements and or houses in the chart do not quell these traits. Look at where the Emperor rests his hands…on the rams. This is the Aries association… ram. Ever see those guys battle it out? Head first, and yes that is your Aires element to the Emperor. I have an Aries moon. I read on a post a while back that those with the moon in Aries are more animated than those with the sun in Aries. I don’t know, my father is a sun in Aries and crazy enough all four of the major planets he has are in Aries. Well let me say this, the guy was in the military, did every sport under the sun, hardly slept, wrote a book despite being dyslexic and could have gone to college on a full ride with a football scholarship. Know anyone like that? I don’t think my dad ever knew what the word failure meant. In fact, I don’t think he cared to know it, feel it let alone consider it.

There wasn’t anything my father wouldn’t have tried and if he would have been born rich, I shudder to think about what other endeavors he would have jumped on. Now as he is older, he likes to fish. Of course, he competes. I went along for some bonding time. Well, that didn’t work out, he critiqued my cast, made me change my lure 10 times. Not because he likes correcting anyone, he was so worried I wouldn’t catch anything and not have fun. When I put my rod down, I said: “Dad, I came to bond, I can fish any time.” He glanced down at the water and smiled. He was quiet after that for a while, but then we just talked. But he made sure he caught his fish…Aries has to compete, at everything! Back to the Emperor, it is a good omen to have in your reading. Maybe you are on the cusp of something important. Maybe you are about to start a new fad, a new product line or something like that. Are you getting ready for a competition? Whatever it is that you have going on in your life, it means hard work and stability.

In my book ‘Black Widow Curse & The Coven’ from the Meridian Chronicles Series, one of the antagonists has this birth sign. Now, the kicker is, readers will not know this until they get to the third book in the series, ‘Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court’ later this year. It is made apart of a riddle. I can’t spoil the story or the riddle. However, at the end of this post, I will give a snip of the riddle in the most recent book. If the emperor comes up in your reading, it will hopefully represent a male figure who is someone there to help you if the card doesn’t represent you. From the author’s perspective, either way, it is a good omen to draw the emperor.

“Dark one, I am in your debt. We understand, on the surface, who has cast this curse on Meridian. We now need to understand how we may find a way to break this curse,” Raina spoke to the demon. The demon gave his answer in riddle form. The being whose work is dark can only be stopped with the twin soul. The being you seek is hard to hold. Spirit guides who engage with a mortal are not pure of heart in that act, but in the face of true love all remains intact. Meridian does not trust herself in her choice. She will not listen to her inner voice. So many can enter her mind, her greatest challenge in the true find.

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