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"MERIDIAN CHRONICLES BLACK WIDOW CURSE & THE COVEN was a dark paranormal romance, that I ended up enjoying quite a bit I liked the lack of memories aspect of the book as it let me learn about the world through the eyes of the main character who was also looking to uncover the mystery."

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From the author- This interview question was asked on the site confessions of a bookaholic.

What first inspired you to write or who inspired you?

Initially it was the idea that I would write a non-fiction story about some personal experiences. When I sat down to write it, I just couldn’t do it because it was and is too sad to write, at least for now. Maybe someday I will. So instead, I decided to write a fiction story with figurative elements of some of what I felt or experienced. Wrapped it up into a paranormal fantasy with fictional characters, with traits inspired by people I know with at least one setting in a small town I visited and fell in love with, Salem Massachusetts. My father actually inspired me the most. He wrote a book based on his experience in Vietnam. He caught the attention of one of the big publishing houses but he missed finishing in time and they passed. My dad had a couple of struggles in finishing his book. He worked to take care of his family and my father is dyslexic. Having a son with dyslexia and seeing how difficult it is for him on so many levels, really opened my eyes to how difficult it must have been for my dad to write a true story with that disability. To me that is an accomplishment in itself. Watching my son deal with his insecurities with having dyslexia makes my heart hurt and to know that my father who back then went undiagnosed all through school and then to write a book to me is a huge undertaking and is for anybody who suffers with it. I guess I would say they both are a big inspiration to me.

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