Tarot- The Hierophant

The Hierophant- most often depicted as a religious figure or priest, this is most often the 5th card of the Major Arcana. Also, this card is associated with the astrological sign of Taurus the Bull. So what does it mean to draw this card in a reading? It depends on what kind of reading you are doing. However, in general terms this card wants you to conform to traditional values or be merciful. It can also symbolize the connection to Earth and the Heavens. With the Taurus, association signifies stability and peace. Think relationships and forgiveness. Notice the priests at his feet and see the columns which can represent stability and strength. From the author’s perspective, I can’t see this card being negative even if drawn in reverse. Sure it may represent a difficult situation that may pose challenges, but this card speaks to determination and seeing something to fruition.

I know a lot of Taurans, and one thing they are not is unstable. In fact the opposite, they can be quite stubborn! I mean that in the nicest way😊 Not a thing wrong with a Taurus unless the person is severely immature or goes to the very materialistic side of things and that is all that drives them. That is just the con of being in that sign. All signs have a good and not so good side. No one is perfect! A good down the middle Taurus and a representation of the Hierophant says there is something in a higher power to guide you, comfort you and show you that through stability things can be achieved.

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