The Chariot Tarot Card

The Chariot Number 7 Trump Card in the Major Arcana represents a few different aspects. First, it is associated with the astrological sign Cancer which is ruled by the moon. Think about family, maternal, motherly, and emotional when this card is drawn. Possibly secretive when thinking of Cancer or the crab. How does a crab react?

As far as the chariot goes, it represents a level of focus and determination. There are two views on if the chariot represents aggression or defense? The two Sphinx depicted in black and white represent light and dark or simply a balance. With the curtain of celestial bodies that hangs over the man in the chariot signals the powers of the universe. The meaning is dependent on what kind of reading is used. For the purposes of general discussion, I think the information that the quarant may take from this card in a reading is subjective. From my perspective in regards to the astrological association, this card to me could very easily go either way. However, the chariot is in itself a mode of transportation, movement, going forward for any reason to fight or in defense. Whatever it may be, it is certain that with the Sphinx is representative of oracles and the Egyptians regarded them as very important. It could represent a choice between the two concepts of fight or defend and that interpretation if left up to the quarant.

In Meridian Chronicles series, the protagonist is faced with many choices within each book and the outcomes. Tarot readings are in my fantasy paranormal romance, however, the Chariot is not one of those cards.

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I have completed the entire series now, with 'Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court' is a small reference to a past tarot reading and the last book is still in process of additions which may include more tarot readings from the witches in the series. One thing remains, that no matter what path we face, our choices have consequences. That is the one aspect the main character struggles with, especially in the 'Black Widow Curse & The Coven.'

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