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Here is a character interview- Aiden

Thank you Aiden for stopping by. Let's jump right in!

What is your biggest fear?

Aiden- Well for Meridian to not break her curse or worse not have the faith to endure what she needs to, so she can break it and move on. Hopefully with me. She is so back and forth...but at some point in the book, it is Tallulah who ends up telling me all and it really sets me back.

What is a perfect day for you?

Aiden- Fishing and being with my best friend Chris and I even love helping my grandfather on the farm. Also any day my grandmother makes her cobbler! What I really want, for the perfect day is to see Meridian released and set free. Not just in this curse, but to be free without so much on her. She carries a lot, I can see it. But she is like know? Squeeze too tightly and she will slip through your fingers...hold her gently and quietly she may remain.

What is your most treasured possession?

Aiden- Well there is an old shoe box, my grandmother gave me. Inside are pictures of my mother, that I never knew. She died from complications during childbirth. It is a way of knowing at least one of my parents.

What are your future plans?

Aiden- Well I have to finish up college. Being a freshmen and all, I still have not decided what my major is. I recently broke up with Amy and now I am trying to be with Meridian, but things are so complicated...I just hope what ever my future is, that Meridian is in it. Some days I feel like she is there and some days I feel like I am losing her, but to some unseen force. In the next book I find her, but she has been put through more by the time I get there to Salem.

Do you think the author portrayed you correctly?

Aiden- (Laughs) Of course! The author's husband was her greatest inspiration in writing my character. She knows me very well. Nailed my musical interests, knows I love food! Even able to write in my little sarcastic remarks at different times. I better not say too much and give anything else away. See readers can only read the first two books in the series. We are finished with the last two books though!

So exciting! So maybe I can do another interview and say more when the next book comes out. I will say it has a very twisted ending. I know one of the beta readers was a little taken back by the ending. So was I really! But you will have to read to find out! It is no secret this author loves cliff hangers. So you have been warned.

She has already outlined a new series. Already decided to write a spin off prequel of this series. Some of the same characters will be in there, some won't. So far we know the fairies are in there for sure, some of the demons and a few of the guides.

Do you believe in spirits or something watching over us?

Aiden- YES! I for my whole life, have felt something or someone was there. I have always thought it was my mother, still do. In the next book coming out, all of those feelings are validated, but the strange thing is it isn't just one entity around me, come to find out, there are several. I know Meridian chose me when she was a spirit..but even after I learned was nearly impossible to fathom. To this day I still struggle to wrap my head around everything in the spirit world.

You can read an excerpt from a heated conversation between Meridian and I in this upcoming book. Check it out below. Raw version before cuts were made and a deep edit.

That was Aiden, the object of Meridian's affection.

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Meridian Chronicles: Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court

I can't wait to speak to you all from the pages of this next book! The ending is epic! Sincerely Aiden, Character from Meridian Chronicles Series

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