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When the tarot card, the Hermit came up for me to write about, I just laughed. I am always referring to myself as a hermit. In my previous life (old job) I was in the investment industry, managed quite a few reps. And handled A LOT of accounts. I did speaking engagements etc., and naturally I am pretty outgoing, of course when I am not in front of a group. Always on the phone…my phone rang nonstop.

So, when I left that business, I became a hermit. Not having to be on the road traveling, being on the phone. To this day I still hate the phone. And it doesn’t mean I like to text all day either. After years of that I don’t think I will ever get back to the point where I want to start that up again.

Generally speaking I would say depending on my company, I can be a bit introverted. What does it mean when you draw that card? What in astrology is it associated with?

Well Virgo which is ruled by Mercury. Which to me seems wrong, just from my perspective. First of all, Virgo rules service to others, health, healing. Cops and nurses can be found as Virgos. Does that sound like a group who has to be to their selves? I didn’t think so. When I think Hermit, I think the sign Cancer. But what do I know? If you are still reading then I guess you may think I am worth reading?

Anyway- The Hermit card represents that we need to get away from the hustle and bustle. Quiet time to reflect and take care of ourselves. Well Virgo may have a foot in the door there. Depending on the reading it may represent someone in your life.

I am a writer, a blogger…I write books. My face is always in the computer screen. Every once in a while I flip on the news so I can pick a subject to have a tangent on, then I blog it on one of my sites and move on to my free lance work and my books. So, I guess I could say I am in my own head a lot, which can be dangerous. My head is a plethora of the space channel’s latest rant on what we are finding in space, or a diaper change I just did for my youngest all the way down to book marketing to some random news feed I just read that was disturbing. I have an older son; teenager and I will just say he in his own right is enough mental stimulation in half an hour than I get out of breaking down the economics of a small country’s debt issues. I have days where watching paint dry may be just what my brain needs.

So “hermitizing” as I call it, is a way of life. I just tell anyone who has drama to “cancel my subscription, I don’t need your issues.” I even have the t-shirt and proud to wear it.

So, when you get this card, it is a good thing. Take time for yourself and stay away from people who just weigh you down with their problems and gripes. Be a friend, not an enabler. We have enough of those people. Heal, mediate, relax.

My blog is mainly centered on my books. I write fantasy novels. I started writing about Tarot because Tarot is in my books. Who knows you may find me writing a book on astrology or something related? I have been following and studying it for over 20 years. I would say I have some working knowledge on the subject.

My latest book Meridian Chronicles: The Black Widow Curse & The Coven has a follow up this fall.

Book 3, Fairy Nymphs & The Demon Court. I hope to have the samples ready to upload in the next few weeks. I have already finished the fourth and last book to the series and I am a quarter of the way through a new series I just started.

You can find me on Goodreads, Bookbub, Twitter and Instagram. I am actually not a big social media person, I prefer my own blog. You can sign up for newsletter or find my feed on Flip Board. Thanks for playing along.

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