Book Review from Blogger Sefina Meridian Chronicles: Black Widow Curse & The Coven by MD Fryso

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

MERIDIAN CHRONICLES BLACK WIDOW CURSE & THE COVEN was a well written book with my only complaint being that I wish the pace of the book had been just a little bit faster. However, that aside I did find myself enjoying the book quite a bit especially as I grew desperate to learn more about the curse and the missing memories!"

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The Author's Favorite Scene:

"The demons swarmed around the table where Meridian and John were seated, drawing their power from the intrigue as to what was on the horizon. One demon who seemed to set himself apart from the others strode away from the group and made his way to Talon. Commanding and effortless, his swagger was elegant. Careful and deliberate.“Talon, back in Salem, are you? I see the allure. However, the company you keep is ironic, to say the least. The demon continued to move closer to Talon, his face shown through the dancing lights of the bar. No matter how close the demon positioned himself, his voice remained from within Talon’s ears. As though the demon had set up residence within his mind, making any noise he fancied. Pulsating with every beat of the techno music, he came closer with every blink until, in plain sight, he stood in front of Talon. Toe to toe, the demon insisted on hearing more of his own banter and locked eyes with Talon. “I see you are with some strange company. Why do you travel with spirit guides?” The demon was not as hot-headed as the other demons Talon had encountered in the past. It seemed to Talon that this demon was more curious than interested in harm. His voice was as smooth as the soft notes of a violin - hypnotic and sleek. He dressed as though he was from another time. Exquisite suiting, the finest leather shoes found in Paris, equipped with a reversible tie, black being his color choice of the moment.
With every move, Talon could see hints of red from the underside of his tie as the lights flashed.“Why do you care?” Talon was defensive, caught off guard. His composure was tight, his arms stiff at his sides, and his face not giving anything away. The only hints toward Talon’s demeanor was the heat coming off his skin and his jaw setting tight.
“I know who you are, fallen. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lahash,” the demon said ignoring Talon’s defense and maintaining his agenda without waiver.
“Lahash, you are considered a fallen angel?” Talon’s question was more of a statement, and it intrigued him as he smiled with every syllable that left Talon’s lips.“I am, or that is what humans believe?” Lahash smiled as he stood with his hands clasped behind his back. His face turned away back to the dance floor watching the humans, with only his profile exposing the slight upturn of his lips.
“Why are you here?” Talon was quick to the point, growing tired of Lahash’s slow build and game.
As the two continued to exchange words, the guides and Luna watched on with confusion. Meanwhile, Meridian was experiencing her own confusion driven from too much alcohol. As John continued to push himself onto Meridian, she couldn’t help but notice a floating being hovering above their heads, circling around watching. Meridian continued to watch the ghostly apparition. She was beautiful and would not leave Meridian.“Look! That is a ghost!” Luna gasped as she pointed and put her hand over her mouth with the other as in disbelief of what she saw.Ridge overheard the comment and looked up to the ceiling. “Isn’t that your specialty?” Ridge questioned Luna, unsure of her reaction to seeing the ghost.“It is, but we can only help if they are open to going on. Not all ghosts realize they are dead or they need to move on,” Luna explained. “She must be hanging on for some reason.”Meridian couldn’t help but keep looking at the ghost. John took her by the hand and helped her walk to the back where the bathrooms were. John was kissing Meridian all over, and it was obvious that he wanted more. Relic and the rest of the guides, along with Luna, walked to the bathrooms and watched. Meridian and John had gone into a bathroom stall, and he began to pull her underwear down from underneath her skirt. As the pair continued to get to know each other in the stall, the ghosts hovered above and watched with a look of concern.
Back around the dance floor, Talon and the demon were still exchanging words.“If you are not a fallen angel, then what are you?” Talon asked.
Talon followed Lahash as he walked to a recently vacated table with half-filled glasses of human tonic with traces of spillages leaving a sticky residue. Lahash ran his long fingers through a small puddle of a spillage. He brought his index finger up to his face and studied the tip of his finger drenched in a dark brown liquor. Lahash took his finger and ran it across his tongue and closed his eyes. He stood for a moment with his eyes still closed and smiled. “Ahh, the tastes of Italy. I always loved Disaronno.” He opened his eyes and began to open his coat jacket, so he could pull out a black handkerchief that matched his tie and wipe his finger. As he was putting away his handkerchief, he looked to Talon. “Quid pro quo, fallen. Why do you remain in company with the guides?”
Talon’s defensive look was turning into one of disgust. He stared at Lahash as though he was still seeing him in his very first moment, taken back with a demon of this caliber. “My reasons shouldn’t be of your concern. However, I was asked by one for my help.”Now that Lahash was satisfied with a morsel of information, he decided to indulge Talon a bit, by finally answering the fallen’s first question. “I forget humans turned spirit guides are still stifled by an obtuse mind. There are no such things as angels. The spirit guides are what exist to watch over humans. Humans just call them angels. You are a fallen… You were never one of us and never can be. I am a demon, but demons never fell. I am like the girl you are watching over. I, like she, was born of my realm.
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