The Wheel Tarot Card - From A Paranormal Author's Perspective

In my book Black Widow Curse & The Coven, I do reference Tarot and readings through the book. Today I have pulled the Wheel from the deck to write about. Though this card is not in any of my novels...yet, I love this card.

When the wheel card appears this represents good luck and fortunes. It also represents cycles. So if you have had a bad luck streak, fear not! Your luck is changing.

If this card appears in reverse, then that is obvious in that the opposite is about to happen for you. However, as much as I study astrology and I am a nerd to the space channel and fascinated by the unseen, I still have a foot in the logical world. I always say, we were born with free will and with that comes the power to change our own path and find a better direction.

If you look at the card, it has a very interesting illustrations that represents Egypt, astrology and even the god of evil in Egyptian beliefs. The four winged creatures represent the four evangelists - Lion, Ox, Man and Eagle also associated with the signs, Leo, Taurus, Aquarius and Scorpio. I find it interesting that these are all cardinal signs of a fixed nature.

The word in the center around the wheel is 'Tarot' and the letters stand for the Jewish translation meaning God of Isreal.

Now this is the 10th Trump card, and the 10th house is associated with the sign Capricorn.

The planet association with this card is Jupiter which in astrology is the ruler of luck and expansion- or growth. That could mean your waistline or your pocket. Take it for what it is worth. But also keep in mind too, that Jupiter rules Sagittarius as well. Another lucky sign of the zodiac, blunt and a great sense of humor (most times)

So how would one view this card? Well I like to keep things simple. Keep to what the card represents. It is safe to say that all could be a possibility.

Are you expecting a raise in the time of Sagittarius? November 21- Dec. 22?

With this being the 10th card, Capricorns are the workers of the zodiac and that is what rules Capricorn. It also represents ones vocation or career. Mainly your mars sign in your chart indicates vocation- but depending on where your other signs are housed in can play a role.

Is your sun or mars sign in Capricorn? Do you anticipate having to work very hard for your changes?

This card is about change, remember a rolling stone gathers no moss and the wheel keeps turning.

Do you feel you have been hindered in some way, that something negative has held you back? Hence the ancient God of Evil in Egypt, represented by the snake or the God Anubis who accepts souls into the underworld. But at the top is the sphinx, represents knowledge.

Have you taken a different path, higher purpose and experienced a figurative death? Moving on?

This card is mostly positive.

What many do not know about me is my ancestors are actually Egyptian and yes I had the testing to verify. We have a few more in there, but specifically mine originate from Cairo. I have always had a fascination with Egypt and you can see that on my instagram when I visited a museum and took pics of Egyptian relics.

My newest series that will not release for a while, I have named but I have not announced. I will just say that ancient Egypt plays a part and this is a paranormal series.

Stay tuned for more.

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