Justice Tarot Card - A Paranormal Author's Perspective

In my book Black Widow Curse & The Coven, I do reference Tarot and readings- So now the Justice Card Appears! How does this card relate to astrology? What can you take from this card? Putting it bluntly is rules anything legal.

Getting a justice card in a reading can mean anything as small as a parking ticket to a full-on lawsuit. She is holding the scales and they also represent Libra, ruler of the 7th house in astrology. Libra is about balance, fairness, and justice. How many Libras do you know? Are they lawyers or judges? How many Libras do you know struggle in making a decision? If their chart is afflicted, then it may mean that they are out of balance.

A person doesn't have to be a Libra to have those traits. They can have Libra in their chart and still have some Libra tendancies. Libra is ruled by Venus- the planet of beauty. Libras love beauty, the finer things in life like a Leo, however, a Libra may be a little more refined. I have known a few Libras in my day. Very well in fact, and I will attest that the ones I personally know are easily swayed, go where the wind takes them and not the most reliable bunch. However, I do not know every Libra, so I can't say they are all this way. I would love to know the one that was balanced and stable.

Back to the tarot card. Notice in the other hand she holds the sword. Last I checked an idle sword isn't a threat. However one in action is another story. What ever is out of balance will be put into balance.

To me it says, things will be fair and if not...well you get the idea. Balance, fairness and remaining objective is key here. Temperance should also be considered.

Do you have a healthy work life balance? Do you feel you are giving more than you should in a relationship? Are you taking too much in your relationship?

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