What does the Hanged Man mean in Tarot

The hanged man. Sounds bad enough, huh? Really it isn't as bad as it may look or sound. This card is represented by the planet Neptune. This planet also rules Pisces. Any Pisces birthdays?

When this card appears, it very closely identifies with Pisces- dreams, confusion and delusions. Sadly Pisces is negatively associated with these traits. (I am one) So really I can't say if I believe all of that because my birth chart has a lot of air elements, so I don't always identify with that. However, I have known a few Pisces in my day and the ones I know, this rings true for them. Remember you are not your sun sign alone! You have a moon, venus and mars signs. (I have started writing about that as well, and will more) but for now...

When this card appears, it could be the querent is self undoing- this card

also represents a sacrifice of some kind for the sake of another. Many Pisces are givers and sacrifice a lot for the sake of others.

This card is good for meditation, yoga and solitude. Again, many Pisces can be that way. Only showing the world my face rarely. Not a fan of the spot light in the traditional sense. I enjoy seclusion a lot of the time, only opting for outings when I have too or when the moment strikes!

Take time for yourself, use that time for reflection and for healing. Take a look at life from another point of view, however be careful of sacrificing too much for others and not taking care of yourself.

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