Black Widow Curse & The Coven -13 Weeks of 13 Chapters- #3

When I wrote this scene, it was a toss up for me to have it in the book. But I felt like readers needed to see that Kieren was upset with his loss and get a sense of how Chance felt with his imprisonment because I knew that Chance would not be in the next book. But in the end I am glad I put this in, so readers can get an idea of what has happened to one of Warrick's previously trusted guards.

In this short chapter, readers get to check out a conversation between Kieren and Chance. Chance is a guard for Warrick who happens to be good friends with Caius. He has been recently sentenced to Etheria's prison for helping break both Caius and Arianna out of prison from the first book Hall of Souls & The Book of the Fairies. Now he sits and Kieren comes down to speak to him about his upset feelings about Meridian being cast away. Kieren is the newest to the group of Spirit Guides. Before Meridian was cast away, he had a crush on her. Here you get to see both Chance and Kieren frustrated. Chance had also been Kieren's protector when Kieren was still a human so there is a little bit of a bond there. But with how upset everyone is readers will sense the strain in this scene. Later when he approaches Ridge, he takes the wind out of his sails when he says that there isn't a whole lot that can be done.

Caius is now in the Hall of Souls and he was in a large way the leader of their group and without him around, the group is going to have to come together and find new ways of figuring out how to get Meridian back. In the next book, readers won't get to read a lot about Chance and the other council members because Warrick has them as prisoners and readers will get to read where in the next book. Kieren is still around with small hopes he is the one for Meridian until the end of the book readers get to find out who saves her and how! Stay tuned.

Chapter 3 Black Widow Curse & The Coven (#2)

Kieren, although had previously got Warrick’s go-ahead to live at the palace headquarters with Meridian and Arianna, didn’t seem to think it was such a good idea anymore. Arianna and Charity were missing. Ridge stayed away. Hidden as they awaited any word from the guides at the palace as what to do. Cora and Janus had suffered similar punishments and were serving a small sentence for aiding the prison break when Caius and Arianna broke free. That was the rumor. Chance had been put in prison for treason, and there was no telling when he would be pardoned. Kieren, feeling brave, went down to the prison where he hoped to find a helpful friend.

“Kieren, what are you doing down here? You know if Warrick catches you it will be straight to the hall of souls you go.” Chance’s question was indeed something of a cloak for an understated demand that he should leave. Chance looked past Kieren from his cell. His eyes shifted relentlessly with the expectation of being caught.

“I know that, but we can’t just sit around here and do nothing to get Meridian back!” Kieren snapped. “No help from the fairies, and not a word from Relic either - who supposedly cared about Meridian. Now he just flocks around living the high life.”

“Look, I seriously doubt Relic is enjoying himself that much. Besides, it was a forced marriage, and the entire reason he was banned from here is the same reason you will probably see him again and soon. Relic hates authority, and that is the one thing that drives him, and, of course, the female persuasion. Trust me, that union, it won’t last. I am willing to bet we all will have to go clean up that mess he makes when he pisses Selena off when he rips her daughter’s heart out,” Chance coolly lectured Kieren.

“So, what are you going to do, just sit in here?” Kieren retorted.

“Well, I am in here for breaking others out, so it isn’t a stretch to assume I am lucky I am still in existence. So, yes. I am just going to sit here.” Chance had hoped his words made some reasonable sense to the fired-up guide wanting his love back.

“I am not waiting around. I am going to get the hell out of here and go get Meridian back!” Kieren shouted.

“Good luck with that. She won’t know you or even be able to hear you,” Chance hollered out at Kieren who had begun to stomp away to leave the prison. Kieren paused at Chance’s statement. He turned around and marched back to the cell where Chance was seated, on the floor not paying any mind to Kieren’s heightened reaction.

“What do you know, man; look at you.” Kieren’s words were ignorant and harsh.

“That is right. I have been in Etheria for hundreds of years, watched over you as your protector when you were human… you are right, what do I know?” Chance looked up to Kieren with his squinted eyes. His face flushed red. “Get out! If you want to screw up your existence for yourself and to the detriment of Meridian, go ahead. But I will have no part in your ignorant plan. It amazes me that you managed to make it to Etheria. To be a guide, a human must learn their lessons on Earth. It is clear that you have not.” Chance was finished talking and turned his back on Kieren who stood silenced by Chance’s words.

The scene was not too different at Ridge’s place a little later with the exception there were some missing guides. Kieren left Chance and went over to Ridge’s place. Kieren was somber, even with the look of defeat, he was still hopeful.

“Kieren, I am surprised to see you.” Ridge’s face was as happy as it was surprised.

“Well as you know what has happened, I can’t bring myself to stay there any longer with all that is going on. I have to get back to Earth and get Meridian back. I can’t just sit here and wait around for help. I love her, and before she was sent away, I believe that we could have been together. This curse is a punishment not just to her, but to all of us who care for Meridian.

“Kieren, I cannot go and risk everything. Look. We all tried, and we risked all we had to in order to try to set things right, and I believe in a way we did set some to rights. I know it may be hard to accept, but, in most cases, when there is turmoil, very rarely does one side have a total victory. There is never a cut and dry win. This was merely a stepping stone. Charity realizes what Warrick is now, and that is a lot and not to be taken lightly. Caius was doomed with Warrick in power anyway, and even if we can get Meridian back, Warrick will just hold her hostage. What good will that do? Right now, we need peace and some time to sort things out. Until then this is what we have.” Ridge’s words were like a razor to Kieren’s heart

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