Black Widow Curse & The Coven #6

In chapter six this is the culmination of the guides getting back together to in a sense become outlaws of their realm:) Kieren who has a big crush on Meridian isn't ready to let their leader keep him away from her. Slaten is angry at his father and his sister, bubbly Pramlee is always at his side. This short chapter is a prelude as to what is to come. Next week chapter 7! Have a great week!

Chapter 6 Black Widow Curse & The Coven (#2)

Back in Etheria, Warrick’s children had thought more about Kieren, and they shared his concern. Slaten grew antsy.

“Look, I know its madness. Charity has disappeared, and I am scared father has done something with her. Then there is no sign of Arianna. We can’t just stay and do nothing. I know that the only way is to get Selena involved, so I say you and I go to the fairy realm and try,” Slaten said. “At this point, I can’t stand watching all of this, and I know that unless we do something, everything is lost. It may be a repeat of what took place before Caius was cast out, but we have to try. Are you with me?” Slaten put his hands on Pramlee’s shoulders as finished speaking.

Pramlee was grinning from ear to ear. “Brother, you know I would never normally do anything I was not supposed to, but with you I would. I know your mother needs us too, and we have to do what we can. Your mother and Arianna are the closest things I have to a mother since I never knew my own. Never knowing my own mother, because of what father did to her, has left a void in me, and I do not want to go through losing more.” Pramlee’s words were like music to Slaten’s ears.

Meanwhile, Slaten’s mother, Farrah, sat at her workspace reading. She did not even waste a moment looking at the being that she so desperately wanted to see cast out to Hell where he belonged. Warrick stood over Farrah - she pretended to ignore him, but then she spoke.

“Your time here is coming to an end, one way or the other, and the realm will not stand for the things that you have done. Everyone knows Charity and Arianna are missing since the trial. I do not know what else you believe you will gain by what you have done, but I know that the powers at be will stop you. The universe always gives back what you put out.” Farrah continued to be busy enough with her book that she didn’t have to look at Warrick.

Warrick did not say anything to Farrah, he left his wife and made his way back to his quarters where he found his trusted followers. Warrick was ready to get them to work to further his agenda. “You will all be going to Earth at once. Before you leave, I want you to find out where Ridge is and also look for Pramlee and Slaten. Whatever they decide to do, I do not want you to stop them from going anywhere. I just want them followed.” Warrick was unusually calm and collected, and this made his followers more nervous. “Give nothing away.” Warrick walked away without a look to his guards. The guards left immediately and headed out to Ridge’s place as ordered.

Warrick as unpredictable as he was, could always be counted on to be up to something without any obvious cause or logic. Despite it only having been a short while since Meridian had been cast away from Etheria, the realm was showing unrest. News of Caius had spread, and a ban on Spirit Guides journeying to Earth to look over their humans had been ordered. The balance of power between good and evil was a precarious situation that once stood in the delicate balance at all times. Without the guides on Earth to protect the human race, it was only a matter of time before the demons took over Earth.

Warrick’s spies made their way to Ridge’s place. As they kept their distance, they looked unsuspicious as they walked through town, carefully watching as they went. Guides walking the street took notice of the guards, and most of the reactions were snarls at best. It was clear that the guides who were not in support of their cruel leader were letting their thoughts be known. As the citizens of the realm passed the guards, the looks exchanged were also clear how they felt.

“Wow, are you getting all that?” the head guard spoke out to the other two in his company.

“Yes. I used to wonder if we were hated, now I know.” The responding guard’s words were interrupted by a familiar face.

“So, did good ol’ dad send you all out to spy?” Slaten appeared right in front of the guards, leaning forward with his arms crossed. With Slaten as tall as he was, he towered the guards. He glared at them with his one blue eye while the other eye was covered by the drape of his light brown hair.

“Slaten, no, of course not. Warrick sent us out on a patrol of the realm to make sure things were as they should be.” The head guard began to shift and look around at the other two guards who were frozen with their own thoughts of what they were in for when Warrick found out they had been spotted.

“So how should things be?” Slaten questioned.

“As they are, Slaten. We will just be moving on, do not worry about us!” the guard shouted as he walked away.

Slaten stood and watched the trio move through the crowd of Etherians and disappear. He looked back at Ridge’s place and nodded to everyone there as they watched the guards leave. Soon gone from sight, they could express their thoughts.

“I am so sick of this,” Slaten pointed out. “No telling what is going on now, but it is clear we are being watched, and I am sure they are running back to tell my father something. But who knows what?”

“I wouldn’t worry about it. This isn’t the first time he has sent spies out.” Ridge was nonchalant about the encounter. “What are you doing here anyway?” Ridge asked the intense Slaten.

Pramlee’s bright eyes fell upon Slaten with her eager look of excitement and did not give her brother any time to reply. “Oh! Me first!” Pramlee ran over from across the street and got in front of her brother as she interrupted the conversation. “Well, we are here for Kieren. You know, because, we know how badly he wants Meridian back, and well, we do too. I mean we can’t stay here with captain angry running the show.” Pramlee stood in-between Slaten and Ridge with her hands on her hips and a huge grin on her face as though she had come up with the plan. Ridge looked down at Pramlee, and she could always be counted on to bring a smile to his face. She looked up at Ridge with her bright and kind eyes. Her short, blue hair had wisps that touched her high cheekbones, and her small chin was as delicate as a child’s. It was always hard to take Pramlee serious. However, she did always have a knack of unexpected problem-solving skills - just like she did in the dark realm when she helped answer the demon’s riddle.

“Seriously, if you are going to stand in front of someone, make sure you are close to their height.” Slaten looked down and popped off at his petite sister. Pramlee looked up and behind at Slaten still all grins. Without another word, she shrugged her shoulders and skipped out from between Ridge and Slaten.

Ridge stood looking at Pramlee in amusement as he rubbed his chin. “I didn’t figure it would take you all this long. When Kieren hears this, he won’t waste a moment.”

“That is right, so when do we leave?” Kieren appeared interrupting the exchange.

“Well, looks like the cats out of the bag. We do not have any help from anyone except maybe Talon when we get there. If we can even find him. In some way, I hoped that we weren’t going to go back on another crime spree, but it looks like that hope is gone. When the son of the evil leader shows up, I guess I can’t walk away from that,” Ridge replied.

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