Black Widow Curse & The Coven #11

Chapter 11 'Black Widow Curse & the Coven'

In chapter 11, Relic's smart mouth doesn't get the best of him, when he is released from a fly by night marital arrangement.

Chapter 11 Black Widow Curse & The Coven (#2)

Relic and Luna did not make it far before being stopped in their tracks. Before they had the chance to portal back to Etheria, a familiar voice came through in the distance.

“Where are you two going?” Orion asked.

“Orion! What are you doing here?” Luna shouted in excitement to see Orion.

“Child, it is I who has come for you. I owe you an apology.” Selena’s bright eyes glowed as her chilling voice echoed from within the tree line of the graveyard where Luna and Relic were attempting to portal from.

Luna’s mouth hung open, surprised to see her mother on Earth. Her eyes tightened, and her brows furrowed. “Mother? What is going on?”

“I can’t let you go to Etheria. Relic will be captured and put in prison by Warrick. There is much more going on than any of you truly know, and I cannot tell you now, but I would like to offer my assistance,” Selena begged the couple.

“Assistance? Yeah, we know all about your assistance. You do us a favor, and you slap an enormous debt on me. One that I can’t repay. I already married your daughter, I am not quite ready for kids yet, so sorry, Queenie, I will have to pass.” Relic’s sarcasm didn’t sit well with the fairy.

Her tolerance for Relic’s sarcasm had ran its course. She glared at Relic. “Silence, you fool! Now, I know you have no reason to trust me, and I am not asking you to, but there is no underlying debt to my offering. I came here for my daughter. Luna, listen to me. I will grant your request and release you and Relic of your nuptials without any punishment or catch. I will also turn the fallen back as you requested. All I ask is once I do, you return home with me. Can we agree?”

Luna was not taking the bait her mother was notorious for dishing out. “Not so fast, Mother. You do not ever give anything and expect so little. What is going on?”

“I told you already. I can’t tell you right now, but there is more to Warrick than we all know or believed, and he is very dangerous to everyone. Please,” Selena begged. “There is more. Meridian is back in Salem with the witch that held the stone. She is helping Meridian connect to her old self. Luna, you need to be close so Esmra can talk to you. Go now to Meridian and do what you can and get back to the realm.” Selena disappeared leaving the pair speechless.

“I can’t believe it. Just like that we aren’t married anymore?” Relic asked. “That is odd. If this were an earthling divorce, you and I would be caught up in litigation for months. Maybe even years. I know that I would want the couch and some small trinkets of our time together. If a fairy divorce is that easy, well I say that I may not mind getting married. Right? The honeymoon was a blast and all that fairy spa treatment…” Relic boasted.

Luna stood with her arms crossed, glaring at Relic. However, she was happy her mother was coming around, and she knew that there may be a chance that they could work things out, or, at least, she hoped.

The pair instantly rushed back to Esmra’s house so they could find the rest of the group and share the news. Relic was overjoyed at the thought of being let go of his marital duties and to get Meridian back to Etheria. Luna’s feelings were more cumbersome as she quietly questioned her mother’s merit.

Orion and Selena arrived back at the Fairy Realm. Selena was worried that her daughter may not come back and that she was lost to her forever.

“Do not worry, Selena, she will come home. Just not right now,” Orion said as he tried to comfort the fairy.

“I know that I have not done things right in her eyes. She just doesn’t know the history, and maybe I have been wrong for keeping it from her all this time. All she knows is that things between myself and the guides historically were not the best. Our kind is not accepted anywhere with the guides or even the dark ones. We will always be caught between the dimensions and realms, and I felt that if we were not going to be accepted, why should we offer aid to anyone?” Selena said questioning herself as much as she raised the question to Orion.

The question was rhetorical at best, and Orion knew that the queen was struggling with what she wanted to do and what she needed to do. Orion was not convinced. “How will we accomplish this?”

“I will explain more later. Right now, we need to prepare.” Selena was up and disappeared from Orion’s sight before he could say another word.


Back in Etheria, Farrah continued to maintain her low profile. Her need to aid in fixing the insane situation within her realm drove her to go to the one closest guard Warrick had before his sentence at Caius’s trial. “Chance, are you down here?” Farrah whispered.

“Farrah?” Chance whispered back in doubt.

“Yes. Oh, I am so thankful.” Farrah tried to maintain a smile despite seeing Chance in such a state.

Chance looked through the invisible wall that held him in his cell, kept there through Warrick’s powers. “I am so glad to see you. He really keeps people locked away. There is no ability to walk through walls or even let your thoughts travel,” Chance said.

“Do you know where Charity is? We need her to get to the council members and see if we can get Warrick out of here,” Farrah asked.

“No, I haven’t seen her since the trial. Warrick is hiding her away, and I am surprised he let you out of his sight.” Chance looked around to see if she had been followed.

Chance began pacing the floor and still kept his gaze low. “Well, I say you corner Brennan. He is the Warrick worshiper, and he has to know more than we all do. He is a master at controlling his thoughts, and Warrick knows any secrets are safe with him.”

Farrah quickly left Chance and went back into the palace looking for Warrick. She walked in on him sitting with his advisors. “What are you doing here, and what are you up to?” Warrick asked.

“Where is Charity?” Farrah stood over Warrick with her arms crossed.

“Charity? Why?” Warrick stood up from his chair and walked around the table, so he could stand in front of Farrah.

“She is a threat to you!” Farrah shouted.

Warrick laughed at Farrah’s comments and her anger as though he enjoyed getting a rise out of her. “She will return soon, before the next council meeting, and that won’t be too far off. I doubt she will be much use to you anyway when she returns. Now get out!” Warrick brushed her off as he resumed sitting at his table. Farrah was not of the mind that Warrick would tell her anything, but maybe his reaction would shed some light. The only obvious thing that stood out was that Charity was still in existence - even though not one guide knew where she was with any certainty.

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