The Demon Chronicles: Nevoc & the Necromancer

Nevoc & the Necromancer

This story won't come out for some time and will come after the final book to Meridian Chronicles: Keepers & the Soul Key. I will be finished with the book in a few short weeks.

In this prequel to Meridian Chronicles, readers will get to see a return of some characters.

Here is a curse put on put on Pandora, the daughter of the Fairy Queen, Selena who readers know very well through out Meridian Chronicles Series.

This story will take you through time and different lives. Portals, time travel, demons & fairies and a hint of Egypt. This is a tragic love story through the ages between two supernatural beings connected as soul keys.

Here is a bit. For those who are interested I will have a sample ebook soon. Look for the chapters of Meridian Chronicles: Fairy Nymphs & the Demon Court starting in August.

If you need to catch up, the first three books comes out in a series collection in August. Enjoy!

“To the dark world you will go,

It is only the dead you will know,

You are expelled to the underworld this night,

To be taken forever from our site.

Whom so ever lets you go

Will endure the Necromancer’s Curse and a tainted soul."

Now these are some harsh words spoken out to a daughter, but Selena is not known to be the warmest mother. So what is Pandora being cursed for? Who is the necromancer? There are actually 2 necromancers, however one is a human and she too is a character from Meridian Chronicles.

Excerpt -

"The day she and Naberious met for the first time when he made the request that ignited the passion, and the forbidden love affair between a fairy princess and a prince of the dark realm."

"To him, she was the break from his mundane job of keeping a tally of the dark souls who entered the dark realm and she was also something else to him. She was also so much more than even she realized; a secret."

Naberious smirked and his penetrating eyes were harrowed with a guilty pleasure in the making. “Come, I will show you where I really come from…I bet you didn’t realize that some demons have a knack for time travel, did you?”

Pandora’s face was incredulous, “Time travel? There is no such thing,” she cocked her head around as if the demon was truly spreading a lie.

Naberious said nothing, instead he extended his arm and opened his hand to Pandora with his palm exposed. “Come, you will see.”

Pandora raised her arm but drew it inward to her chest as she studied Naberious’s hand. Slowly she reached forward by just an inch, where she stopped and then brought her eyes to meet his. The pair never broke eye contact, even when Pandora reluctantly moved her hand to take his.

Once their hands met in such a peculiar fashion, there was an unspoken lingering hesitancy from which Pandora struggled to maintain eye contact. Her thick and black eye lashes were frames around her aquamarine eyes.

Her soft touch did not match her outer appearance of a tough and cold fairy but revealed more of her own truth to the demon. A side of herself that if were made known, would in her mind, be a disappointment to her cold and calculating mother.

His hand was soft, and despite his long fingers his hands were not thin or cold, but fleshy and comforting. As Pandora’s fingertips brushed the palm of his hand with a slow settle, he took in a deep breath as though it was unexpected. Naberious winced his eyes followed by a quick look at not what he held in his own hand, but whose hand it was. The hand of a fairy and one with a pretentious and pious belief that who he was, a demon, deserved nothing from her and surely not an acceptance.

Naberious closed his fingers around her hand and in silence he turned to walk and lead her to where he called is old home, his place of creation and his beacon for what he loved, lived and wished he could be once more.

“Where are we going?” Pandora followed without hesitance at this point, willful, and fueled by curiosity.

Naberious dropped his chin, exposing a hint of his smile when he turned his head slightly, “We will start in the dark realm where time travel is possible; To the gates.”

“The gates? The gates of hell so to speak? Where the dark human souls are brought in by Moloch?”

“Well it isn’t necessarily ‘hell’ as you put it. It is the gates, to the dark realm. Hell is what the humans believe in. There is no such place but if you want to call it that…” Naberious said.

“I think everyone refers to it as hell?” Pandora questioned herself as much as him.

Naberious stopped outside the cemetery, “I know. You can call it what you want. Once we go, that is where we enter to time travel,” he created a portal to the dark realm, “But it can only go backward in time. Some demons may be able to see the future, like Ipos, but we cannot go there. No one will question you because you are with me.” He smiled as he created the portal.

His free arm raised, he moved it in a circle and with each revolution, smoke and fire emerged in the shape of a circle. The Earth’s scenery from within the emerging portal took on a watery appearance as the green trees gave way to a crimson appearance that hurled heat and wind.

Pandora squinted her eyes and looked away as the portal opened, her fair skin heated up and flushed red with the swift heat. Naberious looked back and said, “Come, it really seems worse than what it is.”