Keepers & the Soul Key - Chapter 1-2 Pt. 1

Chapter 1-2 Pt1

The dark on lays out his plans to the demons and back on Earth many gather for Aiden's funeral and his grandmother struggles with his loss. Everyone gathers to say their goodbyes and try to figure out what they are going to do.

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Lahash crept his hand to the table and stared at his long fingers as he drummed them. “Me? Trouble? I say not. First, they will need the nymphs who will rise to the occasion and aid Meridian and the rest to gain the quartz sword. She will need the sword to destroy Warrick if the dark one doesn’t do it for her. If anything, they should hail me for saving Ipos. Pyro was nothing but trouble.”

The ominous voice interrupted the exchange. “Silence, I know all. I do not wish to lose any of my demons, to nymphs; However, Ipos was more valued than Pyro. One less demon who allowed his own will to interfere with my works is against our laws, Pyro would have been subject to my wrath and destroyed either way. Lahash has accomplished what he was charged to do and he will complete what has been set forth to do. He will continue with Echo; he will destroy her and gain the quartz sword before the spirit guides do.” The dark one said.

Valefor uncertain of his leader’s casual commentary, said, “My lord, our plans have not gone in the way they were supposed to. Meridian’s curse that Warrick cast upon was broken, and the nymphs set her free. She no longer needs the twin soul to fulfill her destiny. If she gets the angel’s sword, we will be powerless against her and the others. Warrick let us down with such an atrocity. He still believes he will reign over Etheria, no clue what will come of him once we invade the hall of souls. I want my destiny fulfilled; It is my time. I do not trust Lahash’s infatuation with that nymph. He will continue to ruin our plans!”

Valefor stared at Lahash with disdain while his admonishing words seemed not to rattle him in the least. Lahash maintained his smirk as though he had surely gotten away with something. He turned and locked eyes with Astorath, who despite oozed with disdain for Lahash, had a notable upturn to one side of her lips, as though she was fighting something worth smiling about.

Their stare interrupted by the dark one. “Now that we have an obvious change in plans move quickly with a vengeance all of you. Each one of you knows what your tasks are. See to it, the plans are completed to my satisfaction; otherwise, you will share Pyro’s fate.” The room fell into silence, and despite some cocky demeanor, each demon lost a bit of their heightened cockiness hearing the dark one’s last words.

Chapter 2

Back on Earth, sadness gripped all those who knew Aiden. The precession leading away from the church where Aiden’s funeral service took place headed toward the cemetery where they would lay him to rest. Many of Aiden’s school friends included his best friend Chris, and even Josh and Eric attended in support. Straggling behind Josh was Aiden’s ex-girlfriend Amy, who had not quite let go of him herself after their breakup. As everyone arrived at the cemetery, Aiden’s closest family members struggled to leave the family car and walk to where they would see Aiden for the last time. His dear grandmother, he loved so much convulsed, and her whole body shook as her husband held her hands to help her walk. Collapsing from sadness, Grandpa held her close with his long arms wrapped around her.

Chris and his family already seated to hear the pastor’s last words, watched Aiden’s grandparents arrive as Aiden’s grandfather was carrying his wife. Her weakened knees struggled to move her forward, to say goodbye. Chris’s face, wet with tears, he too was breaking down but still had enough in him to help them.

“Oh, Chris, I can’t believe he is gone. I can’t take this; I can’t take this, I can’t take this.” Aiden’s grandmother gripped her hands onto Chris, throwing herself onto him as she continued to cry.

Chris wrapped his arms around her and said, “Grams, I am so sorry. I am.”

“I do not understand how this happened. He was a healthy young man, never sick. How? How could this happen? Why has he been taken from us? I lost his mother, my only daughter, and I made it through I do not know how I will make it through this.” Grandma continued to shout into Chris’s shoulder as he held her.

As Grandma continued to cry in confusion, Tallulah and Esmra arrived with only an embrace to offer while they remained speechless. Tallulah looked upon Aiden’s grandmother, and she held back her overflowing emotions as her eyes welled up with tears.

She rubbed her eyes. “How did you know my grandson?”

Tallulah’s wet eyes gazed into hers. “I met him through a good friend of mine.”

Chris let out a sigh. “Grams, the doctor said that he passed of unknown causes. The autopsy revealed this. It is no one’s fault.” Chris struggled to make these suggestions as he stuttered on his words.

The pastor called for everyone to be seated and continued the rest of his service. Esmra and Tallulah seated their selves next to Chris. Tallulah leaned over to Chris and whispered, “Is that true?”

Chris nodded in confusion and whispered, “Yes, I mean, in the human world, how else would someone make sense of this. I wondered after he passed, what the official cause would be.” Chris quieted with the service beginning, keeping his head down as he cut his eyes upward in concern of anyone listening to what he said. After a few moments of a quick scan, his eyes met Amy’s, and it was uncertain to him if she had heard anything he said.

It seemed there were hundreds to show up for their support at the service. The cemetery had lines of cars that stretched for miles to include old friends, teachers, and neighbors. After the service completed and everyone said their goodbyes, there stood Chris and Aiden’s grandmother staring at Aiden as he lay in his casket.

Next week the chapter continues, Selena seems to have an idea where Meridian is and is hasty to find her. Echo reminds Selena the Angel said the chosen one can only retrieve the sword.

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