Keepers & the Soul Key (the title has changed) - Chapter 1 Pt. 1

Chapter 1

The book opens up with the demon realm where they are disgusted with their losses. Only two demon's appear smug, with their own secrets. Lahash and Astaroth have their sights set on something else. It is Lahash who has is own little secret obsession.

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The demon realm suffered somewhat of a loss, without Pyro at court things did not seem the same since the fairy nymph Karma destroyed him. For some demons, uncertainty remained, giving rise to the heaviness that consumed them while others appeared aloof. As though immunity was their right despite the circumstances. Secrets within the demon court existed; However, one demoness carried her secret with an understated pride and arrogance.

Astaroth and Moloch sat together, awaiting the rest of the court to fall in and begin discussions from the lost battle for Meridian’s soul. Astaroth exuded a cold grin and relentless smugness through her eyes while she stared at the stone table. Her flaxen mane, exquisite complexion, and beauty fed truth to the rumors of demon deceptions. She looked past the floating flame above the table, not paying mind to the court members who strolled in.

Their feet drug across the gritty floor and with each stride, the scrapes were audible throughout the room. Their faces were filled with disgust and did not reflect the polarized expression compared to Astaroth’s smug pleasure.

“What are you grinning at? Can’t you see what happened here? Karma destroyed Pyro, and there is no telling what will happen to Warrick now, not that we care. We may suffer the same wrath from the dark one?” Valefor exclaimed as he entered the great room of the dark one’s addresses. He rushed his gait, giving the large boots he wore an astounding slam with each step. His dated but sophisticated attire told of the times he existed through. It gave the appearance of not just a duke of the dark realm, but a duke from the late 1700s. His hair was thick and comparable to the white powdered wigs of the time.

Moloch’s eyes bulged out of his massive head. “Valefor, who cares about Warrick! Who cares about Pyro! He was a loose cannon who should have known he was in a weakened state. When he summoned Ipos through his sigil, Pyro’s fate was sealed. Raina’s soul is with us now, and her soul was her payment for the many favors we granted her. Things are not as bad as they seem, not yet anyway. Where is Ipos speaking of him?”

An interruption of sorts stopped the heightened demon banter; all eyes fell upon the one who graced them with his arrogant presence. Astaroth blinked her eyes back into the present apart from her cryptic moment of hypnotic staring; she said, “Speak of the devil.” She lost her gleam, and her smugness disappeared in exchange for disdain.

Lahash stood amidst the demonic circle and said, “What a compliment coming from you, Ms. Astaroth, however, I regret to say that as much as I crave advancement from my current station, I can’t see that I would rise to such a title.” Lahash locked eyes with the demoness as he strode into the room, the slight upturn of his lip and a half-raised eyebrow to boot while he continued his unwavering confidence. He took his usual seat and placed his elbows on the massive armrests of the chair. Clasping his long fingers together, he answered Valefor’s question. “Ipos has left for a bit. Strange Ipos, I never thought I would see the time come where a demon had to take leave of his demonic home again, for a short while I suppose.”

Valefor quickened his sights on Lahash with doubt, “What are you speaking of? Ipos has left the dark realm? For what reason? He does not stand any wrath for the failures — only you, Lahash. You stand in a position for punishment. Moloch collected Raina’s soul, and I have not had the chance to pursue my ultimate destiny to absorb the Universe’s power hidden in the Hall of Souls. Also, you aided the nymphs to take out Pyro! Helping the spirit guides! You are a disgrace to our kind.”

Lahash crept his hand to the table and stared at his long fingers as he drummed them. “Me? Trouble? I say not. First, they will need the nymphs who will rise to the occasion and aid Meridian and the rest to gain the quartz sword. She will need the sword to destroy Warrick if the dark one doesn’t do it for her. If anything, they should hail me for saving Ipos. Pyro was nothing but trouble.”

Next week the chapter continues, where the dark one lays out his plan. Aiden's family mourne his death and ponder how a healthy young man such as he was, could perish so suddenly. The fairies and the spirit guides stay close during Aiden's funeral at a loss as to where his soul is and where Meridian went when she was released from her curse.

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